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2018 Midterm ReviewA

terms to review for the January 2018 US Midterm

1st Amendment freedom of speech; press; etc.
2nd Amendment right to bear arms
3/5 Compromise 3 of 5 slaves count for state representation in Congress
Alien and Sedition Acts illegal to speak or act against the US government
Anti-Federalists opposed to strong federal government
Appalachian Mountains original western border of 13 colonies
Articles of Confederation first US government; weak; no strong central gov.
Bicameral Legislature 2 house Cogress
Big Business monopolies-oil; steel; railroads; finance
Bill of Rights first 10 amendments to Constitution; protect individual liberties
Black Codes rules to prevent black equality
Civil War war between North and South over states' rights and slavery
Common Sense pamphlet by Thomas Paine urging indepdence from Britain
Congress legislative (law making) branch of US government
Constitution rules and laws of US government
Constitutional Convention meeting to create the Constitution
Cotton Gin invention that caused increased demand and productivity for cotton
Dawes Act assimilate Native Americans into US culture
Democracy government by the people
Dred Scott v. Sanford slaves are property not people
Economic deals with business; money; jobs
Elastic Clause flexibility for Congress to make necessary laws
Electoral College group that selects the president of the US; based on electoral votes
Embargo Act prohibited US from trading in foreign ports
Erie Canal trade and transportation across US
Europe continent across the Atlantic from the US
Executive Branch president who enforces the law
Federal national government
Federalist Papers written to encourage passage of the Constitution
Federalists wanted a strong federal government
Fugutive Slave Law escaped slaves must be returned South
Granger Movement farmers working for their economic rights
Great Compromise Congress would have 2 houses
Great Plains millions moved here as the nation expanded
Haymarket Riot union protest against working hours
Homestead Act 160 acres of free land in the west
House of Burgesses early representative government in Virginia
Immigration moving into a new country
Immigration from China limited because of nativist feelings
Indentured Servant worker that gets room & board in exchange for work
Indian Removal Act Native Americans forced off land in southeast and forced west
Industrial Revolution new ideas, new inventions, new businesses
Isolation keeping separate from other countries' issues
Jackson, Andrew forced Native Americans from their land
Jim Crow Laws in the South to keep former slaves and blacks from voting
Judicial Branch interprets the law
Judicial Review Supreme Court decides if a law is constitutional
Kansas-Nebraska Act allowed popular sovereignty in KS & NE; repealed Missouri Compromise
Ku Klux Klan group that actively worked to prevent equality for blacks
Legislative Branch makes the laws
Created by: heathertillman