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Satire SHS


Satire art that uses humor to point out a problem
STYLE: Horatian Satire tolerant, witty, wise, and self-effacing
STYLE: Juvenalian Satire angry, caustic, resentful, and personal
TYPE: Direct Satire stating direct criticism
TYPE: Indirect Satire communicated through characters and situations in a round about way
TECH: Exaggeration overstating/expanding the facts of an issue
TECH: Incongruity present something out of order/out of place, absurd in relation to surroundings
TECH: Reversal present the opposite of the normal order
TECH: Parody imitate techniques/styles of something in order to comment on the original
TOOL: Caricature an exaggerated portrayal of the weaknesses, frailties, or humorous aspects of an individual or group
TOOL: Surprise twist endings, unexpected events
TOOL: Hyperbole overstating or expanding the facts/details of an issue
TOOL: Understatement opposite of exaggeration; a statement that expresses a fact too weakly
TOOL: Malaproprism mispronouncing a word or a name with the intent of poking fun
TOOL: Irony an incongruity or discordance between what one says or does, and what one means or what is generally understood
TOOL: Invective name calling, personal abuse, harsh language against a person, cause, etc.
TOOL: Mock Encomium praise which suggests blame (similar to sarcasm)
TOOL: Comic Juxtaposition linking together with no commentary items, things which normally do not go together
TOOL: Inflation taking real-life situation and blowing it out of proportion to make it ridiculous and showcase its faults
TOOL: Dimination taking a real-life situation and reducing it to make it ridiculous and showcase its faults
TOOL: Sterotype a generalization assigned to an entire group
Created by: 19hoesben