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Mesopotamia 14-17

Cards 14-17

TermThe 4 W's
14. a. Akkadian Empire Sargon was the first to take over Mesopotamia. Sargon came from northern Mesopotamia. Ruled Mesopotamia in 2300 B.C.E (4.318 years ago)
14. b. Akkadian Empire Military: Sargon had the tactic of shielded soldiers in front, with spears behind to hit enemy with. Political: Destroyed walls of city-states,made it harder to rebel. If governors of city-states weren't loyal, he would replace them with his own men.
14. c. Akkadian Empire Cultural: Akkadians were widely know for their beautiful three-dimensional sculptures (steles). A famous example of this is the Victory stele which was carved to celebrate a military victory by Sargon’s grandson.
15. a. Babylonian Empire Hammurabi was the next to unite all of Mesopotamia. He came from Babylon in southern Mesopotamia. Ruled Mesopotamia in 1750 B.C.E (3,768 years ago)
15. b. Babylonian Empire Political: He made the Code of Hammurabi: 282 Laws written between 1792 B.C.E and 1750 B.C.E It was created to preserve order between what used to be different city-states and to unify his empire. Cultural: Build roads and a postal service
16. a. Assyrian Empire Assyria was located north of Babylon This empire ruled in 650 B.C.E (2,668 years ago) Military: Assyrians were the first to invent battering rams and movable towers to storm over the city walls. They also perfected the use of horses and iron weaponry.
16. b. Assyrian Empire Cultural: Assyrians also invented Aqueducts, a system of canals used to bring drinking water for the people, no need to walk long distances. Craftspeople designed bas-reliefs, which depicted the king hunting, fighting, or enjoying family life.
17. a. Neo-Babylonian Empire Nebuchadrezzar II was the most well known king of this empire. This empire ruled in 600 B.C.E (2,618 years ago) This new empire also came from Babylon, much like the Babylonian empire.
17. b. Neo-Babylonian Empire Military: Nebuchadrezzar built a inner and outer wall around the Babylon to protect it. Cultural: He restored Babylon's by putting plants on rooftops and walls. This empire's people created the first sundial, a device for telling time using the sun.
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