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SS-Mesopotamia 14-17

7th Grade S.S. Mesopotamia Unit Flashcards 14-17

4W's Akkadians Their first ruler was King Sargon. They fought in tight formations with soldiers who had spears thrusting them from behind the soldiers with shields. They ruled starting around 2300 BCE before the Babylonians took over.
4W's Akkadians 2 Sargon destroyed the walls of cities to make it harder for them to rebel and also had unloyal governors replaced. When he died, he demanded that his son inherit the throne.
4W's Akkadians 3 Their language slowly started to replace the Sumerian's. They also created steles or stelas which were three dimensional.
4W's Babylonians Their leader was Hammurabi, who created Hammurabi's code in order to unite his empire. He also created additionally, a postal service so that people could write on clay tablets to each other and road, which had never been invented before.
4W's Babylonians 2 Hammurabi began ruling Mesopotamia, which he changed to Babylonia instead and other surrounding areas in 1750 BCE.
3W's Assyrians This empire began ruling around the time 650 BCE. They introduced iron weapons instead of bronze. This group used horses, war chariots, iron weapons and siege towers for battle.
3W's Assyrians 2 As for their strategy, they used the strategy of siege warfare which was attacking a city over and over until it finally fell. During this, along with the weapons listed before, they used battering rams for punching holes in walls.
3W's Assyrians 3 Another strategy they used was spreading fear of themselves so that no one would want to fight them. This group also used aqueducts to bring them water. They were known for creating bas-reliefs.
4W's Neo-Babylonians This empire ruled in 600 BCE and was led by Nebuchadrezzar II. He built both an inner wall and an outer wall to protect the capital city along with a moat around them. He then also built towers for archers and the first sundial.
4W's Neo-Babylonians 2 They made discoveries that led us to the 60 minute hour and the 7 day week. The empire ruled for 75 years before it was conquered.
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