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Mid-term Study Guide

Free Market Economy Buyers and sellers freely choose to buy or make whatever they want.
Private Property Anything not owned by the government.
Trade Barriers Tariffs, import quotas, and embargoes.
Scarcity The inability to provide everything everyone wants.
Opportunity Cost Something lost when an economic choice is made.
primary Source A description or picture of an event by a person who actually lived through the event.
Alliance System Nations agreeing to defend one another.
Franz Ferdinand Archduke of Austria-Hungary, his assassination led to the outbreak of WWI,
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Treaty between Germany and Russia to end their fighting.
Nationalism Intense loyalty to a country or group.
Dough-boys Nickname for American Soldiers.
The Great Migration The northward relocation of African Americans.
Victory Gardens Home gardens encouraged during war.
League of Nations An organization of nations to prevent further wars.
Fourteen Points Wilson's plan for peace.
Treaty of Versailles Treaty that ended WWI, made Germany accept full responsibility for WWI.
Zimmerman Telegram Telegram encouraging Mexico to declare war on U.S by Germany.
Buying on Margin Borrowing money to buy Stocks.
Huey Long Louisiana Governor and Senator who opposed Roosevelt and called for a "Share the Wealth" plan.
Created by: Ali_ina_10_03_17
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