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Cold War

Dr. Campbell

What does it mean to depend on others for survival? interdependence
When referring to things occurring between two countries, you would use this term. international
What is a competition or race between nations to build more powerful weapons? arms race
What is an economic system in which people and businesses make most economic decisions? market economy
This is a symbol of the differences dividing communist and non-communist countries in Europe. iron curtain
A government that helps those in need is called________. welfare
When there was a huge increase in births in the 50's due to the end of WWII. Many waited to get married and start a family until after the war. baby boom
This is a system or type of government that has total control of the people and the economy. communism
Someone who has served in the military is known as a ____________. veteran
This is an agreement to stop fighting. cease fire
The international organization of the United States and other countries is known as the ___________ _______________. United Nations
When you have economic success and security, you have ___________. prosperity
What is it called when there is a forced separation of races? segregation
When you have a group of people born and living at the same time, you have a ________________________. generation
What is an economic system in which ordinary people and business control the production of goods and services? capitalism
What is a removal of power called? overthrow
What is it called when you have a way of bringing change without using violence? nonviolent protest
What is a competition between the United States and the Soviet Union to send people into outer space? space race
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