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Amer. Govt Midterm

American Government - Midterm Exam

Government An institution with the power to make and enforce rules for a group of people
state a political unit such as a country can also be called what?
Sovereignty The absolute authority that a government has over its citizens
Law A set of rules issued and enforced by a government that binds every member of society
Social Contract Citizens may give up power to the government through this
Natural Rights Life, Liberty, and property
Politics The art and science of governing.
Legitimacy The rightful authority of any government over its citizens
Unitary The system where all the power is controlled by a central of national government and state and local government have little power.
Parliamentary System A system where the government executive is picked from within the legislative branch.
Representative Democracy a system of government in which people choose political leaders to make policy decisions on their behalf.
Ben Franklin Who was the main person to write the Declaration of Independence.
Monarchy a system of government in which the head of state usually a royal figure
Feudalism a system of government based on the rule of local lors bound to a monarch by loyalty
Confederal A form of government in which independent states unite to accomplish common goals.
Direct democracy a system of government in which decisions are made directly by the people rather than by their elected representatives
Magna Carta a document prepared by English nobles that grated certain rights to English citizens.
Bicameral having two houses or chambers.
Stamp Act a 1765 law passed by Parliament to raise money by taxing paper goods. It was repealed the year after it was introduces.
ratification the process of giving formal approval of action by an agency or government.
Checks and Balances Limitations placed on a branch of government's power by giving other branches some control over its affairs.
cabinet an advisory board that is made up of the heads of the govt's executive departments and reports to the chief executive.
Elastic Clause A clause in the constitution that grants congress the authority to enact all laws that are "necessary and proper"
Enabling Act A federal law that allows residents of a territory to draft a constitution and take other steps to prepare statehood.
Census a periodic official counting of population
Gerrymandering The redrawing of legislative district boundaries in order to strengthen the political power of one group or party over another.
Incumbant a political candidate who currently holds an elected or appointed office. Office holders
suffrage the right to vote
Convention an assembly of political party members to perform some official duty such as choosing candidates for elective office
veto the formal rejection of legislation by chief executive
Federal clause The necessary and proper clause of the Constitution
Gridlock the government moving slowly
Amendement Change in the consitution
Constituents People who are represented by a member of congress
Interest groups People acting together to achieve shared political goals
filibuster holding a final vote in Senate
Bill proposed law
mark-up when a committee member decide the exact phrasing of a bill
Oligarchy a small group group of people holds power.
Republic The government's authority comes from the people
Created by: amandasweesy
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