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History Chapter 8

When was Washington sworn in as president April 30, 1789
What was the judiciary acts Made a federal court
Who was the Chief Justice John Jay
Who was the secretary of war Henry knox
Who was the Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson
Who was the secretary of treasury Alexander Hamilton
Who was the attorney general Edmund randolf
What was Hamilton's financial plan To pay of war debt-establish credibility
Raise federal gov. Revenue Create a national bank-safe, loans, currency
What were tariffs A tax on imported goods
Who and what was a strict viewing Only could do what it clearly states-Jefferson Madison
Who and what was loose construction Should be flexible-Hamilton, Adams
What did the Bill of rights do Protect people's rights
Who's plans caused the people to divide Hamiltons
Whiskey rebellion importance Rebelled bc of whiskey tax
Farmers Shows constitution was strong, no bloodshed
What was the problem with the french They were tied to them by treaty, but there was loopholes and they were fighting for freedom, were not as good trade partners
Who was Citizen Genet A Frenchman who cause problems with people bc of what he was preaching
What was Jay's treaty John Jay was sent to negotiate with British. Everything they agreed to they were already supposed to do, nothing about trade and stealing ships
Who was the main two people in the election of 1796 Adams and Jefferson
What were the alien acts caused the citizen requirement from 5 to 14 could expel any "dangerous" aliens could expel any aliens in war time
what was the sedition act did not let people speak out against the government. could be given a fine or imprisonment
what were the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions they said that the acts were no longer legal in their states
what is nullification declaring law unfit within state borders
what were the xyz affairs Adams sent representatives to France to negotiate them not taking ships, but the french demanded a bribe. Eventually the French listened after the Americans wanted to go to war
Who was tied during the election of 1800 Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson
who convinced the house that Jefferson was the lesser of two evils Alexander Hamilton
what was Jefferson's main points in his inauguration Wanted a more democratic society and went directly against the federalists in many ways
when, how and how much was the Louisiana purchase 1803, $15 million, 830,000 square miles
who did Jefferson send on a military conquest to the new lands Merriweather Lewis, and William Clark
what were the non-importation acts and were they successful They were a ban on exported goods and they were not successful, it was violated everywhere
what was pinckney's treaty Showed friendship between the US and Spain, were given trade rights and land by the spanish
A name that had something to do with Napoleon Charles Talleyrand
what precedent did Washington leave and who broke it That presidents served two years and FDR
what was the battle of Fallen Turtles and who led it It was a battle between natives and the
what was the treaty of Greenville 12 tribes gave Americans the land of what is now Indiana and Ohio
What were Washington's main points in his farewell speech Avoids political parties, Avoid foriegn entanglements, do not get envolved in other people's business
Who wrote the Bill of Rights James Madison
what was the elastic clause allowed the government to pass laws that they deemed necessary and proper
what was the quasi war and how was it fought It was an undeclared war on France and it was fought with the navy
What did Adams do as he was a lame duck He stacked the court with federalists judges, but they were all taken away just like the rest of the federalists
Who were the pirates that Jefferson had to send the navy to fight The Barbary/Tripoli Pirates
What was the band on exports also called The embargo acts
What did Washington do with foreign affairs He declared neutrality
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