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Chapter 10 Vocab

Precedent something done or said that becomes an example to others
Cabinet president’s advisors
Bond certificate that promises to repay borrowed money in the future plus interest (additional money)
Protective tariff tax on imported goods designed to protect a country’s industries
Impressment forcing civilians to serve in the military or other public service
Partisan clearly favoring one group
Caucus meeting of members of a political party to choose a representative
Alien person living in a country who isn’t a citizen of that country
Sedition activities aimed at weakening an existing government by stirring up resistance or rebellion
Nullify to legally overturn laws
States’ rights concept that states should hold any powers not specifically given to the federal government
Anthony Wayne general who defeated the Native Americans at the Battle of Fallen Timbers
Federalists political party that favored strong central government; loose interpretation of the Constitution; an economy based on manufacture and trade; and that only educated and wealthy people should hold office
Democratic-Republicans (Republicans) political party that believed in most power held by the states; strict interpretation of the Constitution; an economy based on farming and agriculture; and that government should be open for everyone
Treaty of Greenville Native Americans surrendered most of what is now Ohio; put an end to most Native American resistance in the Northwest Territory
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