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Civil War

Formal withdrawal of a state from the Union Secession
Henry Clay's proposal to satisfy both North and South on the issue of slavery. Comprise of 1850
Part of the Compromise of 1850 that facilitated the return of run-away slaves and denies their civil rights. Fugitive Slave Law
Best Selling novel about political and moral struggles of slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin
The "Bleeding"territory that turned into a violent battlefield over slavery issues in 1856. Kansas
The Missouri slave who sued for his freedom all the way to the Supreme Court in 1857 but lost Dred Scott
The group of Southern states that seceded from the Union Confederacy
Location of John Brown's failed attempt to start a slave revolt Harper's Ferry, Virginia
Lincoln's declaration that freed slaves in Confederate states and territory. Emancipation Proclamation
Name of William Lloyd Garrison's newspaper Liberator
Dates of the Civil War 1861-1865
Cotton became known as what during the 1800s White gold
Who is the general in charge of the "March to the Sea" William T. Sherman
Who was the man behind the Erie Canal project Dwight Clinton
What was the first state to secede? South Carlolina
Which side did the Border States belong to? Union
The name of Fredrick Douglass' newspaper The North Star
An equal opportunity job Whaling
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin Harriet Beecher Stowe
major cause of the American Civil War? Slavery
This compromise was made prior to the outbreak of the Civil War in order to ease tensions over the issue of slavery in new territories. Missouri
What were the two major areas in which the Northern States and Southern States differed? Economy and Culture
What was the capital of the Confederacy? Richmond, VA
After which battle did Abraham Lincoln present the Emancipation Proclamation? Antietam
Who did the Emancipation Proclamation Free? It freed the slaves in the Confederate States if those states did not return to the Union by January 1, 1863.
For what occasion did Lincoln give the Gettysburg Address? Dedication of a national cemetery
Victory at which battle resulted in The Mississippi River coming under the control of the Union and dividing the Confederacy in half. Vicksburg
How many slaves enlisted in the Union army? 150,000
What did the Union Army use to communicate once the Confederacy cut the telegraph lines? Wigwag Signals
Where is Gettysburg located? Pennsylvania
How many days did the Battle of Gettysburg last? 3 days
What was the shape of the Union defense at Gettysburg? A Fish hook
How much was the slave industry worth during the 1800s $3.5 Billion
What main advantage did the Union army have at Gettysburg? The high ground
Which major didn't follow Meade orders at Gettysburg, moving his regiment out of position, and almost cost the Union the battle? Dan Sickles
What was the new weapon the Union had? a shovel
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