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Mesopotamia Quiz 1

Social Studies

Where did one of the first civilizations settle? a land between two rivers (Mesopotamia)
How can we describes Mesopotamia? farmers
Why did people settled in southern Mesopotamia? plenty of fresh water
How did early people in Mesopotamia make farming successful? irrigating crops
What was the religion of Sumerian civilization? polytheism (MANY gods)
What technology was developed by the people of Mesopotamia? a system of writing
What was the advantage to cuneiform over picture writing? it was simpler
How did the Sumerians advance their civilization? they developed writing, religion, and technology
Which two rivers supplied the people of Mesopotamia with fresh water, fish, and rich soil? Tigris and Euphrates
What does the word "Mesopotamia" mean? land between the Tigris and Euphrates river
Who invented writing? Sumerians
What is a ruling family? dynasty
What is a large territory of many places all under one ruler? empire
What is a group of people who have a complex and organized society within a culture? civilization
What is wedge-shaped writing formed in wet clay? cuneiform
What is a professional writer? scribe
What is the worship of many gods? polytheism
What is an organized community with established rules and traditions? society
What is a huge pyramid-shaped structure consisting of a series of stacked, rectangular platforms? ziggurat
What is a craftsperson, such as a potter or a weaver? artisan
What is an area on Earth with common physical features? region
What is a city that is an individual unit, complete with its own form of government and traditions? city-state
What is a method of watering crops? irrigation
What is an area of flat land? plain
What is rich soil, which is good for farming, called? fertile
What words means to defeat? conquer
Created by: kristinnash
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