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6th SS Ch 4 Sec 4

6th Grade Social Studies Chapter 4 Section 4

France claimed land in modern Canada and NE United States and is called New France
Cartier wanted wealth via the Fur Trade
Cartier starts a trade partnership with Huron Natives
Founded Quebec on St. Laurence River Samuel de Champlain
1st French settlement in North America Quebec on St. Laurence River
French missionaries started arriving in Quebec and lived with the Natives to learn their Lanugages
The French missionaries tried to convert the Natives to Christianity
Fur traders also arrive but do have not a Permanent settlement
New France grows slowly with only these 2 main settlement Quebec and Montreal
By 1625 Quebec had only ____ people 60
Dutch settlement built along the Hudson River New Netherland
New Netherland includes modern day New York and New Jersey
Dutch begin a settlement on Manhattan New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam was built by the harbor where the Hudson River flows into the Atlantic Ocean
New Amsterdam built a fort made of stone for Protection
New colony was built in 1638 that included part of modern day Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware New Sweden
The colonists of New Sweden had conflicts with ______ over fur trade Natives
The New Sweden colonists cleared the land to build farms, but that affected Native hunting land
When the colonists cleared the hunting lands, the Natives Attached the colonists home
Natives helped with the fur trade in New France: The Huron partners with the French
Natives helped with the fur trade in New France; The Iroquois partnered with the Dutch and English
Who was sent my King Louis XIV to explore the area of the Mississippi? Marquette and Joliet
The Mississippi is also known as Father of Waters
Marquette and Joliet hoped the Mississippi;I would lead to Northwest Passage
Jacques Marquette was a Missionary
Louis Joliet was a Fur Traders
Why did the Mississippi not lead to the Northwest Passage It went south?
Who wants to find the mouth of the Mississippi? Rene-Robert Cavalier (de la Salle)
La Salle claims all of Mississippi River valley for France
La Salle names the Mississippi Valley area after the King Louisiana
How long does it take to reach of the mouth of the Mississippi? 2 months
Becomes a proprietary colony New Orleans
A propriety colony is owned by One person
Who was the proprietary owner of New Orleans? John Law
New Orleans will eventually become the capital of Louisiana
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