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6th SS Ch 4 Sec 2

6th Grade Social Studies Chapter 4 Section 2

What would be a new resource in the New World? Lumber
English came to the US to make colonies to seak out Riches and Resources (silver and gold)
Who did Queen Elizabeth order to colonize North America? Sir Walter Raleigh
Sir Walter Raleigh, John White and 100 colonists settle here Roanoke Island
Roanoke Island is a Virginia Territory
Colonists did not stay on Roanoke Island and it eventually Disappeared and became a lost colony
Why did the colonists leave Roanoke Island? They ran out of food
King James agreed to let merchants pay to take part in a Colony
If merchants pay to join a colony they are Part owners (and earn stock in the company)
The first company to colonize The Virginia Company
3 ships with 105 colonists sailed into what is now called Chesapeake Bay and build a settlement names Jamestown
Jamestown was build to find riches, but it was just Swampy land - not good for farming
Half of Jamestown colonists died in the first year because no one bothered to Plant or gather food
Captain John Smith saves Jamestown by ordering Anyone that did not work did not eat
Jamestown colonist stole food from Powhatan Confederacy
Who helped bring peace between Jamestown colonists and the Powhatan Confederacy? Pocahontas, Powhatan’s daughter
The leader in Jamestown John Rolfe
John Rolfe begins to plant this in Jamestown? Tobacco
The Virginia Copany sells tobacco back in England for Huge profits
People come to work the tobacco farms as Indentured Servants
How many years do you have to Erik as a servants to pay your way to the New World? 4-7 years
Who camp to Jamestown in 1619 and helped Virginia to prosper? Enslaved Africans
The enslaved Africans brought great wealth to the Stock holders of the Virginia Company
House of Burgesses Legislature (Law Makers)
House of Burgesses gives the colonists the same rights as those living in England
House of Burgesses allowed the colonists to elect people to Represent them in government
Who could become a member of the House of Burgesses? Men and Land Owners
Who could NOT become a member of the House of Burgesses? Women, Indectures Servants, Slaves
King James makes Virginia a Royal Colony
The Royal Colony was under control of the King
The King of Virginia picks a ____ that shares power with the House of Burgesses Governor
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