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Which President’s campaign slogan was “Fifty-four forty or fight” James Polk
which President ended the tribute to the Barbary pirates Thomas Jefferson
which president warned european powers against interfering in the western hemisphere james monroe
who was the first US President? George Washington
which president issued the Specie Circular Andrew Jackson
first man to go to oregon country? Jason Lee
who discovered a mountain pass through the sierra nevada James Beckworth
who was the first president of the republic of Texas Sam Houston
who promoted the idea of public school Horace Mann
Who negotiated the purchase that completely settled the southern border of the United States James Gadsden
Who first train circuit riding preachers During the time of the second great awakening Francis Asbury
Who established Christian principles in the factories he owned Francis Cabot Lowell
In what year did the tariff of abomination to pass the increase the North’s profit at the expense of the south 1833
What area led the bear flag revolt against Mexico California
What was the first permanent French settlement of the New World Quebec
what type of government Was established by the US Constitution Democratic Republic
Where was the first shot fired that begin the war for independence Lexington
What battle was the turning point of the war for independence Saratoga
Who invented the reaper Cyrus McCormick
What area were the bear flag revolt against Mexico California
Who in the tributes to the Barbary pirates Thomas Jefferson
What did Jamestown prove about economics The free enterprise system works best because it promotes personal responsibility
Why did the constitution provide for three branches of government Three branches of government provide for a check and balance to guard against one person gaining too much power
How did the war of 1812 affect the expansion of the US The diminished threat from England encouraged US settlement in the west
During the 1800s why do parents believe that education was important Education is important to maintain freedoms
how did missionaries influence the west Missionaries brought the gospel and improve the quality of life among the Indians
Who established the first town school system in America Old Deluder Satan act
Who prepare in England for Limited government Magna Carta
what levied a tax on all Legal documents Stamp Act
Who required all public lands be paid for in silver and gold Specie Circular
Who established townships for the northwest territory Land Ordinance
What type of interpretation of the Constitution did Thomas Jefferson and the democratic republican stand for strict
what revived interest in tried with the East Crusades
from what city in missouri did the wagon train leave when starting the Oregon Trail Independence
What war resulted in establishing English edition and liberty in North America French and Indian War
At who’s California ranch was gold discovered in 1848 John Sutter
What is applied science or the practical use of scientific knowledge technology
who wrote “Poor Richard’s Almanac?” Benjamin Franklin
Who developed the first successful steamboat Robert Fulton
who wrote “The Scarlett Letter?” Nathaniel Hawthorne
What European discovered the Hawaiian islands James Cook
where was the first major amphibious landing of American forces conducted Veracruz
Which branch of government enforces the laws Executive
What is the purpose of the government as listed in the US Constitution To protect
what precedent of freedom did Rhode Island set? Freedom of religion
Who were the first two white women to cross the Rockies Narcissa Whitman and Eliza Spaulding
the senator from Massachusetts who was the greatest orator in Congress Daniel Webster
The father of American missions
The first state to outlaw liquor during the time of the second great awakening Maine
Who wrote the first American dictionary Noah Webster
At What battle did Texas win its independence from Santa Anna San Jacinto
What general defeated Santa’s army at the battle of Buena Vista Zachary Taylor
What country sold the Louisiana territory France
What country experienced a potato famine Ireland
What country threatened the freedoms of Texans Mexico
What country supported Christopher Columbus in his expedition to the New World Spain
What country signed the Oregon Treaty with the United States England
Adoniram Judson
Created by: Laurenyarnell
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