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color code

the color code personalities

what are the four personality types red, blue, yellow, white
what is one way to develop a positive connection with a blue? -emphasize their security -be sensitive and soft spoken -be sincere and genuine -behave well mannered and well mannered -limit risks -encourage their creativity -appreciate them -be loyal -be prepared -give them time to gather thoughts
what is one way to develop a negative connection with a blue? -make them feel guilty -be rude or abrupt -expect change -abandon them -demand perfection -push them into making decisions -expect fogginess quickly -demand immediate action -expect them to bounce back from depression -expect spontaneity
what is one of the common strengths of a blue personality? -loyalty committed sincere honest focused moral conscience appreciates beauty and detail high achiever likes to set goals works well behind the scenes empathetic encouraging in times of trouble
what is one of the common limitations of a blue personality? self righteous judgemental easily depressed controlling unforgiving suspicious illogical perfectionist talks down to self moody and emotional rarely spontaneous manipulates for support
what is the blue core motive? intimacy
what are the blue gifts? quality and service
what are the common strengths of a white personality? patience cooperation relaxed understanding balanced obedient sincere genuine negotiates well quiet reflective peaceful has natural empathy great listener enjoys the simple things in life
what are the common limitations of a white personality? uncommitted stubborn (silently) dishonest lazy uninvolved dependent directionless detached bashful unsure of self doesn't complete tasks resents pressure to do things easily hurt and defeated
things to do to create a positive connection with whites be loving and sensitive be firm be patient and gentle introduce a few options for involvement be simple and open accept their individuality be casual informal and relaxed look for non verbal cues to their feelings listen quietly
things not to do while developing a positive relationship with whites be unkind expect them to always need others forse verbal expression be domineering be too intense overwhelm them force confrontation speak to fast take away their day dreams demand leadership
what is the white core motive? peace
what are the white gifts? clarity and tolerance
what is the red core motive? power
what is the yellow core motive? fun
what are the red gifts? leadership and vision
what are the yellow gifts? optimism and enthusiasm
what are some red strengths? likes tasks committed direct logical likes facts leadership focused likes to make things happen natural goal deter self-motivated great team player quick and easy decision maker
what are some red limitations? pride insensitive poor listener tells it like it is critical of others rebellious impatient always right wants power over others generally serves self resists control
what are some things to do for a red present issues logically demand there respect and attention be direst brief and specific offer leadership opportunities verbalize feelings support their decisive nature be prepared with facts respect their need to make decisions
what are some things not to do for a red embarrass them argue with emotions use physical punishment be slow and indecisive attack them personally expect a close relationship wait for them to ask for your opinion demand a lot of social time
Created by: carlyjenna
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