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11A Reconstruction


Reconstruction Rebuilding the nation following war and bringing southern states back into the Union
Sharecropping Receiving a portion of crops in exchange for living and farming on a large estate
Carpetbagger Northerners who moved to the South following the Civil War to take advantage of the political chaos that existed at the time
Scalawag Southerners who cooperated with federal authorities during Reconstruction
Homestead a track of land with a home on it
Amendment An addition to the Constitution
Legislation A law
Unit 11A Reconstruction Vocabulary
Due Process Legal proceedings must be fair
Equal Protection Governments must treat all GROUPS of people the same (men and women; black and white etc.)
Jim Crow Laws State and local laws enforcing racial segregation in the south
Segregation Separating groups of people by race or ethnic background
Land Grant Gift of land from the government to an individual or group, usually to promote a greater social or political goal (e.g. land grant colleges like Texas A&M University)
Freedmen's Bureau Federal government agency that organized relief and educational activities for war refugees and former slaves
Created by: DuncanvilleYoung
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