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Unit 5 Vocab AH

American History Unit 5 Vocab

Precedents *Something done or said that becomes an example for someone to follow; a “tradition. *For example, George Washington was the first president and he served two-four year terms. So did the next 31 presidents.
George Washington *Father of our country b/c he was our general in the Rev. War *1st President of The United States *Set many precedents that future presidents follow.
Judiciary Act of 1789 *Established that the federal court system can reverse state court decisions. *Gave more power to federal courts (Supreme Court) *Part of this law would be later found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court itself
Whiskey Rebellion *Pennsylvania wheat farmers protested a tax on whiskey which is made from grain. *George Washington put down the rebellion quickly by using the federal army.
Treaty of Greenville *Treaty between the United States and Indians living in Ohio. Indians were forced to give up all of their Ohio lands.
Alexander Hamilton *In George Washington’s cabinet as the Secretary of the Treasury ($$). *He set up the money systems, made a bank, helped to pay off our nation’s debts.
Creation of the National Bank *The Bank of United States: held gov’t money, pay debts to other countries, coin/print money *Made trading & financial actions MUCH easier
Jays Treaty *An unpopular treaty between Britain and the U.S. in which Britain agreed to leave American soil.
Federalists *Political party which believed the Federal gov’t should have more power than state gov’ts. *Believed in “implied” constitutional powers.
Democratic-Republicans x-anti-federalists...they just got a new name :) *Political party that wanted to limit the federal gov’t’s power. *Believed in “strict” constitutional powers
John Adams *1st Vice-President of the U.S. (to George Washington) *2nd President of the United States *Federalist!
XYZ Affair *France greatly offended America by trying to get us to pay a bribe American. *Made Americans VERY VERY angry. Many Americans wanted to go to war!
Creation of the Navy *John Adams, “The Father of our Navy,” pushed for an American Navy. The legislative branch agreed. *Thomas Jefferson (3rd pres.) stopped funding it so it dwindled away for a while...
Thomas Jefferson *2nd Vice-President of the United States *3rd President of the United States *Democratic-Republican
Marbury vs. Madison *An important court b/c it’s the first time the Supreme Court declared a law unconstitutional which granted them judicial review….
Judicial Review *Judicial Branch has the power to declare any law (local, state, or federal) unconstitutional.
McCulloch v. Maryland Landmark case! *The U.S. had a federal bank *The state of Maryland tried and failed to tax the federal bank *Set up standard for state v. federal power AND allowed a federal bank
Louisiana Purchase *Land west of the Mississippi purchased from Napoleon of France which doubled the size of the United States
Lewis & Clark *Explorers hired by President Thomas Jefferson to map out the Louisiana Purchase and find the fabled Northwest Passage.
Northwest Passage *A fabled waterway that starts at the Pacific Ocean and cuts across the United States...yeah, it doesn’t exist
Sacajawea *A shoshone Indian who served as a language interpreter and guide for Lewis and Clark.
Embargo Act *Law passed that prohibited trade with ANY country---it hurt the American economy.
James Madison *Democratic-Republican *4th President of the United States
War of 1812 *War between Britain and The United States *The United States invaded Canada, then Britain burned down Washington, D. C. *Star Spangled Banner was written *The United States won
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