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10A Civil War 1

Setting the stage for war

How did the Dred Scott decision affect the Missouri Compromise? The Missouri Compromise was declared unconstitutional because slavery was a states' rights issue.
How did white northerners react to Dred Scott? White northerners were shocked because it was clear that slavery would not end on its own; the abolition movement was strengthened
Who was Frederick Douglas? He was born a slave but escaped and moved north where he spoke out about the brutal reality of slave life.
What was the Republican Party position on slavery in the mid 1850s? The goal was to stop the spread of slavery and most especially to stop its spread into the western territories.
What was Abraham Lincoln doing before running for president? He ran for U.S. Senate, but lost to Stephen Douglas.
What was Lincoln's public position on slavery before becoming president? Lincoln publicly opposed the Dred Scott decision; he believed slavery was wrong but he was NOT an abolitionist.
Who was John Brown? A white abolitionist who led a raid at Harpers' Ferry (a federal arsenal) intending to arm the slaves and lead a revolt
How did John Brown's raid turn out? Brown was captured, tried in court, found guilty of murder and treason and hung.
How did white northerners react to John Brown's raid? John Brown became a hero because he gave up his life fighting slavery.
Why were the Lincoln Douglas debates important? These 1858 debates (while running for senate) were a platform for spreading Lincoln's ideas about slavery which set the stage for Lincoln's successful presidential run in 1860.
What was Lincoln's political party? Republican.
How many candidates ran for president in 1860? Lincoln ran as a Republican; the Democratic party split with Douglas running from the north and Breckinridge running from the south...and there was a third candidate from the Constitutional Union party.
Why does the number of candidates matter? The Democratic party split the votes and Lincoln won without even one vote from the south.
10A Civil War 1
How did the south react to Lincoln's election? Secession: Seven southern states left the union immediately.
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