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ch.6 vocabulary

Tomas Paine called king George the 3 a "royal brute". Paine ridiculed the very idea of rule by king.
Preamble introduction to a declaration, constitution or other official document.
grievance formal complaint
resolution formal statement of opinion or policy
Richard henry lee introduced a resolution, or formal statement of opinion to congress.
logic reason; careful thought
violate fail to keep or observe; infringe on.
Nathan hale became an American legend for the fight of NY. Hale was a connecticut officer and volunteered for dangerous spy missions.
mercenary solider who fights merely for pay, often for a forigen contry.
cavalry units of troops on horse back.
alliance agreement between nations or groups to aid and support one another.
vital necessary; of great importance
transform to change from one thing or condition to another
enlist to sign up for military duty.
civilian person that's not in the military
continental form of paper money printed during the American revolution
privateer armed civilian ship that had the goverments permission to attack enemy ships and keep good seized.
confine to keep within certain limits
resource supply of something to meet a particular need
traitor a person who betrays his or her country or cause and help the other side.
guerrillas fighters who make small bands to make a hit-and-run attack.
Marquis de Lafayette was a French noble and became a high ranking officer in Washingtons army.
Friedrich von Steuben was a German baron, helped train the continental army.
George rogers Clark clarks forces easily captured two Mississippi river outposts, Kaskaskia and Canokia.
Bernardo de Gavez began helping the americans. he secretly provided money and munitions to George rogers clark and other americans
John paul jones fought side by side with the larger british warship serapis.
Nathanael greene took over command of the continental army in the south in December 1780
Francis Marion in south carolina led his men through the swamps silently then attacked and escaped.
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