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eur ch. 9

Late Middle Ages

Hundred Years War English King Edward III claimed his rights to the French throne after Charles IV died. French did not want this
Crecy, Poiters, Agincourt Significant victories for the British
Peace of Bretigny recognized English holdings in France, in exchange for Edward III renouncing his claim to the French throne
Pope Innocent III transformed the church into a secular power, transformed it into a papal monarchy
Joan of Arc peaseant who claimed she heard from God and lead the French to a victory at the Battle of Orleans
Pope Urban IV continued to secularize the church, established its own law court the Rota Romana
College of Cardinals elect the Pope
Pope Boniface VII forbade taxation of the Clergy without Papal approval
Unam Sanctum declared that Church is above the State
Avignon the new headquarters of the Catholic Church
Pope John XXII tried to bring the headquarters back to Rome
Great Schism Catholic Church divided: Pople Clement VII and Pope Urban VI
Alexander V replaced Pope Clement VII and Pope Urban VI as the official head of the Catholic Church
Conciliar movement effort to regulate the actions of the Pope by a council
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