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Additionall Verbs

Additional Useful Verbs

to accept accepter
to accompany accompagner
to accomplish accomplir
to admire admirer
to adopt adopter
to help aider
to add ajouter
to bring apporter
to arrange arranger
to advance advancer
to move bouger
to burn brûler
to hide cacher
to break casser
to celebrate célébrer
to hunt, to chase chasser
to cut couper
to cost coûter
to tear, rip déchirer
to hurry dépecher
to undress déshabiller
to desire to want désirer
to dine dîner
to direct diriger
to doubt douter
to exchange échanger
to explain expliquer
to strike to hit frapper
to win gagner
to invent inventer
to wash laver
to measure mesurer
to show montrer
to occupy occuper
to forget oublier
to forgive pardonner
to fold plier
to pick up ramasser
to refuse refuser
to dream
to jump sauter
to save sauver
to ring sonner
to terminate terminer
to touch toucher
to cough tousser
to travel voyager
Created by: MmeGibson