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eur ch. 10

Renaissance and Discovery

Treaty of Lodi 1454-1455 fragile alliance between the city-states of Naples, milan, florence, venice, and the papal states
cosimo de medici 1389-1464 wealthy florentine who manipulated elections and influenced the local council, the Signoria, in his uncontested control control of the city.
Lorenzo the Magnificent ruled florence with a totalitarian regime from 1478-1492
Piero de medici later florentine ruler who allied with naples against milan in 1494
visconti family ruled milan in 1278
sforza family took over milan in 1450
ludovico il moro appealed to french in 1494 for aid against naples and its allies, an appeal that resulted in the conquest of florence
league of venice counter alliance designed to protect venice, milan, papal states, and emperor maximilian I from france
giralamo savonarola radical dominican monk, convinced a mob of florentines to exile piero de medici and claimed that france's victory was divine justice
venice city ruled by merchant oligarchy
Baldassare castiglione wrote Book of the Courtier
Florentine Platonic academy arose under Cosimo de Medici to enable humanists to devote their attention to Plato and the neoplatonists
Francesco Petrarch father of humanism
Dante Alighieri wrote The Divine Comedy
Giovanni Boccaccio wrote The Decameron
Chiaroscuro & Linear Perspective perfected and implimented by Renaissance arists of extraordinary talent
Brothers of the Common Life relgiious movement based in the Netherlands
Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press
Desiderius Erasmus most famous northern humanist
Thomas More wrote Utopia
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