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World War 1

Social Studies World War 1

What does MAIN stand for Militarism Alliance System Imperialism Nationalism
How did MAIN contribute to the start of WW1 everyone wanted bigger armies everyone had to help the people they had alliances with everyone was scrambling for new land gave countries pride and made them arrogant
What was the main cause of WW1 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Who was on the triple entente France Russia Great Brittan USA (soon)
Who was on the triple alliance Germany Austria-Hungary Italy (eventually went to entente)
Lustiana German U boat that was sunk in May 1915
Zimmerman telegram secret telegram from Germany to Mexico was intercepted by congress who then declared war on Germany
Trench Warfare A type of land men used to fight wars
Treaty of Brest-litovsk peace treaty signed in march 1918 by soviet Russia and central powers that ended Russia's participation in WW1
What did Russia leaving the war mean for the allies an increased pressure on the western front
Espionage act fined or jailed for anti-war activities
Sedition act makes it illegal to criticize the war
Gen.John J. Pershing commander of American expeditionary force on the western front in WW1 1917-1918
Second Battle of the Marne Turning point
Where did Americans do most of the fighting in WW1 Western Front
Armistice a formal agreement of warring parties to stop fighting
How did women help in the war They took the jobs of the men who went in the war they worked in factories they became nurses to heal the wounded men
what effect did American military intervention have on the WW1 outcome we had a stronger military
Rationing and examples not having the normal amount of food meatless mondays wheatless wendesday victory gardens
14 points points made by Wilson to prevent future wars
League of nations a group whose goal was to insure war never broke out again
Treaty of Versailles a treaty of Germany's punishment post war
What did the Treaty of Versailles say Germany accepts full blame Stripped of Colonies pay 33,000,000,000 in war debt Austria-Hungary divided
Why didn't America join the League of Nations because it was Europe's problem
what was 1 major result of the US joining WW1 USA became a world power
Red Scare when many feared radicals and a communist revolution
Sacco and Vanzetti Italian immigrants who tried and excused for murder, showed fear of US foreigners
Return to Normalicy Warren G Harden wanted things to return the way they were before WW1
War bonds helped raise money to support war debt
propaganda official govt communications to the public that are designed to influence opinion
military inventions and their effect U Boats- Waged war underwater Tanks- Covered lots of ground machine Gun- fires 600 bullets per minute poison gas- used by both sides, cause 100,000 deaths Airplanes- allowed war in the sky
Created by: mcarr22
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