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US History

Junior Year History Final I

One consequence of the French and Indian War? The colonists began to see themselves as different from the British
A consequence of western expansion for the Native Americans was lost land and population
According to the Missouri Compromise, slavery would be allowed in Missouri, but Maine would be admitted as a free state
The purchase of the Louisiana Territory is significant because it greatly increased the size of the United States
Following the American Revolution, most Americans wanted the power of the government to be held by state governments
The main argument in support of the Bill of Rights was that they would protect people from a tyrannical government
One basic difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate is that the House is designed to be more responsive to popular opinion
Northern states objected to admitting Missouri as a slave state because it would increase the power of the Southern States in the Senate
Which of the following is true of the Kansas- Nebraska Act? It overruled the Missouri Compromise.
A major reason for the issuance of the Monroe Doctrine was to prevent further European colonization in the Caribbean region
One reason for the Lewis and Clarke Expedition was a route to the Pacific Ocean report back their findings on plant and animal life Draw accurate maps of Western United States
Compared with the cities in the North, southern cities were fewer in number and smaller in population
A typical slave owner might have described his slaves as property
According to John L. O'Sullivan it was the country's manifest destiny to spread liberty across the continent
How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act affect slavery in the new territories? It granted citizens of the territories the right to decide if slavery should be allowed
In the election of 1860, the Democratic party split into northern and southern divisions
Southern states began to secede following the election of 1860 because Lincoln won the presidency without any Southern electoral votes
What events led to the states leaving the Union and beginning the Civil War? Lincoln presidency w/any southern electoral votes, southerners felt like their votes didn't matter States voting if they were free or not(slavery) Nullification act: “did a state have the right to nullify, or declare illegal, a law passed by Congressâ€
Explain Checks and balances in the United States The checks and balances system didn't allow one person to be in charge but, it made all three branches watch and monitor the others
Executive Branch: Legislative: can veto any new laws Judicial: can override any new laws passed
Legislative Branch: Judicial: can impeach a federal judge Executive: can impeach the President of the US
Judicial Branch Legislative: can declare any acts unconstitutional Executive: Can declare any acts of the President unconstitutional
Southern States began to secede following the election of 1860 because Lincoln won the presidency without any southern electoral votes
In the election year of 1860, the Democratic party split into northern and southern divisions
Battles in the West took place mainly along rivers
At the start of the war, the South's basic strategy could be summarized as prepare and wait
In battles in the East, McClellan was best known for his caution
During the Civil War both the Confederate and Union governments created a draft
One of the major hardships faced by the Confederacy during the war was a food shortage
During the early part of the war, Lincoln's main goal was to preserve the Union
At Gettysburg, the Union and Confederate lines positioned themselves along separate ridges
Confederate forces at Gettysburg were blown apart by canister shells in Pickett's Charge
Grant and Sherman followed the same general strategy, which called for burning enemy cities
George McClellan said that if he were elected President in 1964, he would negotiate an end to the war
What is Habeas Corpus and how does it relate to the state of Maryland during the Civil War? Habeas Corpus: can't be imprisoned without charge. In Maryland, Merryman and others were imprisoned because they were suspected for burning bridges and Lincoln was afraid for the Capitol. So Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus to imprison Merryman and others
Explain the kinds of actions General Sherman used in South Carolina and how it affected the 1864 election? General Sherman waited for the Confederacy to come to him and then he won the battle. After the win in South Carolina and Grant's victory in Atlanta, people started to see that Lincoln was a good leader and he won more votes.
List three causes of the civil war and explain how they caused the war to begin? Lincoln won the presidency w/any S electoral votes; made the S feel like they weren't part.///Southern states seceded from the Union; made the Confederacy///Nullification Act: Nullify get rid of taxes on imported goods. SC believes: only benefits north.Sp
Explain the Emancipation Proclamation in the United States and the immediate effects it produced? The emancipation Proclamation, it gave a true, meaningful purpose to the war and America. Lincoln also started and ended the speech with that men are equal. Immediate effects: people are mad about being called equal to the blacks
List 3 lasting effects of the Civil War and explain Preserve the Union: confederates surrendered Abolished Slavery: making AA free; 13th amendment Loss of lives: men, women, and children
Union Generals Hooker Sherman Grant McClellan
Confederate Generals Lee Jackson
Many poor white southern laborers could no longer find work because of competition from Freedmen
In his proposal for the postwar Reconstruction, Lincoln set a tone for forgiveness
To help black Southerners adjust to freedom, Congress created the freedman's bureau
The Civil War left the South in ruins
In his Presidential Reconstruction plan, Andrew Johnson was more generous than Lincoln
The Fourteenth Amendment was part of a series of laws that ensured the civil rights of African Americans
In 1870, thanks to the Fifteenth amendment, southern black men voted for the first time
Carpetbaggers were northern Republicans who moved to postwar South
During Reconstruction Southern-states adopted the northern system of mandatory, tax-supported education
The Compromise of 1877 helped Democrats regain control of southern politics
The main goal of the KKK's terror was to drive the white Republicans out of the south
Who are the Radical Republicans a group of Republicans who fought for the total equality of blacks. Hated Andrew Johnson and thought that Lincoln's plan was too lenient.
How did the Radical Republicans shape the south after the Civil War? Pushing for 13-15 amendments to get equal rights for the freedmen Also put the south under military districts
W.E.B Du Bois urged African Americans to become well-educated in the liberal arts
In the late 1800's, African Americans were most likely to got to college at private, black colleges
Which of the following was true of working women in the late 1800s? they were paid less than men
The National Women's Suffrage Association fought for women's right to vote
Poll taxes and literacy in the South were intended to keep African Americans from voting
Booker T. Washington suggested that African Americans put aside their desire for political equality
Jim Crow laws were intended to prevent African-Americans from exercising their rights
In the case of Plessy V. Ferguson, the Supreme Court decided that segregation was legal
In 1910, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People began fighting for civil rights
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