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Part III Radiology

Radiology Fx's, Dislocations, Tumors, Lines of Mensuration, Set-ups

Avulsion fracture's of C7 spinous? Clay Shoveler's Fx
Avulsion fracture of C2 anterior inferior body involving the ALL and hyperextension mechanism? Teardrop Fx
Avulsion fracture of inferior glenoid rim caused by anterior shoulder dislocation? Bankhart Lesion
Fracture of the 4th and 5th metacarpals? Barroom Fx
Fracture of the 3rd and 4th metacarpals? Boxer's Fx
Fracture of any phalanx of the foot, especially the 1st and 5th digits? Bedroom Fx
Horizontal fracture through a single vertebral body and posterior arch? (MC in lumbars, "Ghost Vertebra) Chance or Seatbelt/Lapbelt Fx
Radiographic sign seen with a Clay Shoveler's Fx? Double spinous sign
What muscles are associated with a Clay shoveler's Fx? Flexion injury or repeated stress of the trapezius and rhomboids
Fracture of the distal Radius with posterior angulation of fragment, and a mechanism of falling on outstretched hand? (dinnerfork) Colles Fx
Fracture of 3 or more bony segments? Comminuted
Displacement/separation of a slightly movable joint, seen in symphysis pubis, skull sutures, and tibiofibular syndesmosis? Diastasis
Large radiolucent fracture through the lateral surface of the iliac wing? Duverny Fx
Fracture of the radius with dislocation of the distal radiolunar joint? Galeazzi Fx
Seen in children younger than 10 yo, one side is broken the other is bent? Greenstick Fx
Portion of bone driven into an adjacent area of bone by compressive force? Imaction Fx
Bilateral fractures through the pedicles of C2 caused by hyperextension injury? Hangman's Fx aka Bi-pedicular Fx aka Type IV spodylolisthesis
With Posterior shoulder dislocations the humeral head moves? Inferior
With Anterior shoulder dislocations the humeral head moves? Superior
Impaction fracture of the humeral head producing a "hatchet" deformity, caused by anterior shoulder dislocation? Hill-Sack Defect
Bursting fracture of atlas, through the anterior and posterior arches of atlas caused by foreful axial compression on the skull? Jefferson Fx
Fracture of the base of the 5th metatarsal due to traction on the peroneus brevis when foot is inverted and plantar flexed? Jones or Dancer's Fx
Stress fracture of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals? March Fx
Ipsilateral double vertical fracture of the superior pubic ramus and ischiopubic ramus with fracture or dislocation of SI? Malgaigne Fx
Fracture of the shaft of the ulna with displacement of the radius in any direction? Monteggia Fx
Fracture that gives clinical signs but no radiographic evidence. Follow up X-rays show resorption of the fracture site indicating fracture? Occult Fx
Fracture of a bone weakened by disease process. Usually a transverse proces in a long bone or total vertebral body collapse causing compression fracture? Pathological Fx
A triangular shape of the lunate due to anterior lunate dislocation? Pie Sign
Fracture of the distal fibula above the lateral malleolus with disruption of the distal tibiofibular ligament? (inversion injury) Pott's Fx
Fracture of the distal radius with anterior angulation of the distal fragment. Usually due to direct blow or fall with the wrist forced into hyperflexion? Smith or Reverse Colle's Fx
Fatigue fracture due to repetitive stress, usually weight bearing bones? Stress Fx
Pellegrini-Stieda Syndrome/Phenomenom aka calcification of the MCL? Wisp of Smoke Sign
Widened space between the scaphoid and lunate due to dislocation with associated ligamentous rupture? (rotatory subluxation of scaphoid) Terry Thomas Sign aka Crescent Ring Sign
A type I Salter-Harris fracture occurs where? Growth plate only
Type II Salter-Harris occurs where? Growth plate and Metaphysis
Type III Salter-Harris occurs where? Growth plate and Epiphysis
Type IV Salter-Harris occurs where? Growth plate, Metaphysis, Epiphysis
Type V Salter-Harris occurs where? Compression deformity of Growth Plate (most severe)
What are the differentials for a pathologic fracture? Lytic Mets, Multiple Myeloma, Osteoporosis
What is the most common fracture of the elbow in adults? Radial Head Fx
What is the most common fracture of the elbow in children? (elevated fat pads) Supracondylar Fx
Hydroxyappetite Deposition Disease (HADD) most commonly occurs in what area? Shoulder (humeral head)
Crescent/Rim sign, Bite sign, Wedge sign, are consistent with what disease? Avascular Necrosis (AVN)
An atlanto-dental interspace > 5mm is consistent with what? Down's Syndrome
Ground glass, smokey, wiped out, or a round lesion with sclerotic borders, MC in the femur? Fibrous Dysplasia
Vascular calcification, subperiosteal and distal phalangy resorption, Salt and Pepper Skull (punched-out lesions), Rugger Jersey spine? Hyperparathyroidism (HPT)
AVN of the humerus? Snow Cap sign
Lincoln Log spine, H-shaped VB, Reynoud's phenomenom? Sickle Cell
Increased alkaline phosphatase, Cotton wool skull, Ivory white VB, Picture Frame vertebra? Paget's
Small, lucent lesion, pain is worse at night, but relieved by Asprin? Osteoid Osteoma
AVN of Lunate? Keinbock's
Pathologic VB fracture in a child? Eosinophilic Granuloma (EG)
Most common benign tumor of the spine? Hemangioma
Most common benign tumor of hand? Enchondroma
Tumor of frontal sinus in young child? Osteoma
Expansile, eccentric, lytic sub-articular lesion that extends to the edge and is painful, MC 20-40 yo? Giant Cell Tumor
Expansile, eccentric, lytic fluid filled lesion, MC in distal femur? Aneurysmal Bone Cyst
Central, expansile lytic lesion MC in metaphysis of humerus, fallen-fragment sign, and not painful? Simple/Unicameral Bone Cyst
Avulsion fracture of the 1st metacarpal? Gamekeeper's Thumb
Inverted Napoleon Hat sign, Bowline of Brailsford, Scotty Dog? L5 Spondylolisthesis
Fracture of the distal radius? Torus Fx
Fracture of the pubic arch? Saddle Fx
Separation of the pubic symphysis? Sprung Pelvis
AVN of metatarsal heads? Freiberg's Disease
Juvenile discogenic disease, thoracic kyphosis of > 45 with an increased lumbar lordosis? Scheuermann's Disease
This line detects spondylolisthesis? George's Line
This grades spondylolisthesis? Myderding's Method
AVN of femoral head usually seen in a young male, Crescent sign? Legg-Calve-Perthes Dusease
Blastic lesion, MC in distal femur, spiculated periosteal reaction? Osteosarcoma
Overhanging margin sign, Tophi, periarticular erosions, uric acid elevated, podagra, not present in spine? Gout
AVN of subchondral bone, MC in knee, joint mice, teenage years? Osteochondritis Dissecans
Unilateral facet dislocation? Bow Tie Sign
Persistant notochord? Butterfly Vertebra
Young men, stiff back in morning, Marie Strumpell, +HLA-B27, blurring of SI joints, syndesmophytes, dagger sign, shiny corner sign, trolly track spine, bamboo spine? Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)
Ossification of the anterior longitudinal ligament, Forestier disease? DISH
Lytic lesion with lamellated or "onion skin" type periosteal reaction, MC male in teens? Ewing's Sarcoma
Lytic lesion that crosses the growth plate? Chondroblastoma
Superior Right Lung with left trachial deviation, aka Superior sulcus tumor, Horner's syndrome? Pancoast Tumor
Basilar angle or Martin's Basilar Angle > 152 indicates? Basilar Impression
The best line/most accurrate for basilar invagination? (Paget's) McGregor's Line
Line from the hard palate to the opisthion (post. foramen magnum)? (>7mm = basilar impression) Chamberlain's Line
Line from C1 tubercle to the odontoid? ADI (adult = 1-3mm, Child = 1-5mm)
Posterior body margins are checked for alignment, suggests anterolisthesis or retrolisthesis if not smooth or continuous? George's Line
Stress lines of the cervical spine, drawn at C2 and C7 posterior bodies, flexion intersects at C5-6, extension at C4-5? Jackson's
Prevertebral soft tissues: Retropharyngeal (C4)> 7mm? Retrolaryngeal (C5)> 14mm? Retrotracheal (C6)> 22mm? SOL (tumor, infection, hematoma)
Best method to evaluate scoliosis? Cobb's method (endplates)
What is another scoliosis evaluation using the VB's? Risser-Ferguson Method
Meyerding's Method grades what? Spondylolisthesis %
Line drawn through sacral base. Perpendicular line from sacral promontory, if L5 is beyond the perpendicular line = spondylolisthesis? Ullmann's Line
Eisenstein's Method < 15mm? Spinal Canal Stenosis
Macnab's Line measures for what? Facet Imbrication
Hadley's "S" curve measures what? Subluxation or Facet Imbrication
Kohler's line measures what? Protrusio Acetabuli
MC reason for Protrusio Acetabuli? RA
Shenton's line measure's what? slipped capital epiphysis
Femoral angle or Mickulicz's angle < 120? > 130? < 120 = coxa vara, > 130 = coxa valga
Best line for fracture of fovea capitus? Skinner's Line
Best line for SCFE? Klein's Line
Boehler's Angle measures what? Calcaneal Fx or Dysplastic calcaneus
AVN/degneration of tibial tuberosit? Osgood Schlatter's
AVN/degneration of tarsal navicular? Kohler's
AVN/degeneration of calcaneus? Sever's
AVN/degeneration of medial tibial condyle? Blount's
AVN/degeneration of scaphoid? Preisser's
AVN/degeneration of capitulum? Panner's
MC hip Fx? Mid Cervical (inter-capsular)
Positioning: An RAO x-ray of the cervical spine views what IVF? Right IVF
Positioning: An RAO of the lumbar spine views what pars? Left pars
Positioning: An RAO of the SI joint views what SI? Right SI
Positioning: An RAO views the same anatomy as what view? Left Posterior Oblique (LPO)
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