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Short Answer

What type of Political system does the United States have? Constitutional Republic
How does the system of Check and Balances work? Separation of Powers
What are the principles of the constitution? Federalism, Limited Government, Individual Rights, Popular Sovereignty, Republicanism , Checks and Balances, Separation of Powers
How did the United States acquire territiores from the west? Purchase, War, Treaty
The United States operates under a _____________________ economic System. FREE MARKET
List the rights of Americans given to them by the Bill of Rights? Sara Believes She Tries Nearly Responsible Sara Believes She Tries Nearly Responsible Speech/Assembly/Religion, Bear Arms, No Quarter, Speedy Trail, Trial by Jury, No Cruel or Unusual Punishment
What physical features can be found in the U.S? Rockies, Plains, Appalachians, Great Lakes, Deserts, Forest, Coastal Plains
What country colonized Mexico? SPAIN ONLY
How does Mexico's current culture reflect years of European colonization? Mix of the European and Indigenous cultures
Mexico, Canada and the United States are part of a trade known as ___________. NAFTA
What type of economic system does Mexico have? Mixed economy (MEXICO MIXED)
How is Mexico's political structure similar to the US? How is it different? Federal Republic
What countries colonized Canada? Hint: C skip the D go to E then F Hint: C skip the D go to E then F England and France
Why us Canada considered a Bilingual nation? Word Study Hint: Bi means 2 Hint: C skip the D go to E then F Word Study Hint: Bi means 2 Hint: C skip the D go to E then F They speak English and French
What type of economic and political system does Canada have? FREE MARKET
What countries make up Central America? Hint: Grandma Has BBQ Cheese Nachos PLEASE EAT!!!! Hint: Grandma Has BBQ Cheese Nachos PLEASE EAT!!!! Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador
List 5 islands found in the Caribbean Sea? Hint: Pirates of the Caribbean and XMen Hint: Pirates of the Caribbean and XMen Cuba, Puerto Rico, Antigua (Pirates like antiques) , Bermuda, Barbados, Jamaica
How does the Panama Canal help provide economic stability in Panama? Military security, Economic Growth $$, CONSTANT Flow of goods and Cash $$
What countries colonized this region ( Central American and Caribbean Islands)? Spain, France, US
What are some of the most important crops grown in this region (Central American and Caribbean Islands)?? Bananas, Coffee, Chocolate
What environment issues does South America face today? Loss of rain forest
What European countries colonized this region (South America)? Hint: The 2 Usuals (F &S), Please Never Hint:The 2 Usuals (F &S), Please Never France, Spain (As Usual), Portugal and Netherlands
How does the climate of South America differ to the climate of North America? Tropical, Inverse Seasons in temperate region
How have natural resources influenced societies in this region (South America)? Improved ECONOMIC $$$ Situations (they have move money)
How has colonialism influenced societies in the region? Hint: CCD but not CCD....CED Hint: CCD but not CCD....CED Catholicism, Economic Development
What are the economic challenges faced by South American Countries? Development Vs. Preservation Tear down tress to develop building or houses or preserve the land
Multiple Choice: Which of the following is a responsibility of citizen in the United States? Voting in Elections
Multiple Choice: What has happened to many American workers because U.S. companies have their products made in China? They have lost their jobs
Multiple Choice: Which of the following economic systems are shared by both the United Stated and Canada? MARKET
Between 1980 and 1990, hundreds of thousands of Americans moved to the saunter and western parts of the country. Which of the following BEST explains one EFFECT this migration had on the southern and western parts of the U.S. Funding for Public Schools and Police Officers Increased
How is paying taxes related to an individual's rights in a democracy? Taxes FUND $$ GOVERNMENT activities that PROTECT CITIZENS
How is the image above an example of cultural diffusion?( Image of 2 cities with similar skylines with skyscrapers and tall buildings) It shows two places in the world using similar architectural styles
Which geographical feature is the United Staes capital closest to? Appalachian Mountains
Using the chart above and your knowledge of social studies, which country probably has the most UNSKILLED work force? Ethiopia (36% Literacy Rate) Lowest on the chart provided they are Unskilled due to their lack of reading and writing skills
Created by: Mrs. Almaraz
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