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cultural borrowing taking ideas and practices from another culture, ethic group or religion
cultural diffusion the spread if culture beliefs and social activities from one group to another
colombian exchange the transfer of plants, animals, and people between Europe, Asia, and Africa on one side and the other
culture the set of beliefs, behaviors, and traits shared by the people
rural describes an area that is lights poplulated
urban describes an area that is densely populated
command economy an economy in which the means of production are PUBLICALY owned
market economy an economy in which the means of production are PRIVATELY owned
mixed economy an economy in which parts of the economy are privately owned and parts are owned by the government
provence an administrative unit similar to a state
longitude the lines on a map that run north to south
latitude the lines on a map that run east to west
absolute location the exact location of something
relative location the location of one place compared to another place
preservation the action of preserving something
slash and burn agriculture a method of farming that involves CUTTING down trees and the underbrush and BURNING the area to create a field for crops
ecotourism a type of tourism in which people visit a country to enjoy its natural wonders
Principles of the constitution federalism, limited government, individual rights, popular sovereignty, republicanism, checks and balances, separation of powers
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