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Bolles MI Growth

Unit Review

natural resource things in nature that people find useful
capital resource goods that are used to produce more goods
human resources workers and their skills
Why did farmers from New York come to Michigan? Scarcity of good farmland in NY
Why were rivers important to lumbering? Rivers were used to float the logs to saw mills
Why were the ends of the logs marked? To mark the company that owned the logs
What two improvements made lumbering easier? big wheels and logging railroads
What are the 3 economic activities that helped Michigan grow? Farming, lumbering, and mining
Which two were important minerals found in Michigan? A. copper and limestone B. copper and iron ore C. gold and silver B. Copper and iron ore
Why were the Great Lakes important during mining? The Great Lakes were used to transport minerals to different cities
Why isn't copper mined in Michigan any more? What is left is too deep in the ground, making it expensive and dangerous to mine.
What WAS and IS STILL an important economic activity in Michigan? the automobile industry
What important technology did Henry Ford bring to the auto industry? Creating and using the assembly line
What is an entrepreneur? Someone who combines natural, human, and capital resources to produce goods or services.
Give an example of an entrepreneur that we studied. Henry Ford (Ford Auto) Ransom Olds (Oldsmobile) William Durant (General Motors)
What is a "push factor?" Things that "push" people out of an area
What is a "pull factor?" Things that "pull" people to a new area
Name 2 "push factors" that bring people to or out of Michigan. government problems food shortages no religious freedom no land lack of jobs
Name 2 "pull factors" that bring people to or out of Michigan. new jobs created in Michigan lots of farmland city jobs lumbering jobs freedom
What is an assembly line? A way to manufacture goods where each worker does just one small part
Created by: hbolles
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