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Volleyball and b-bal

Volleyball court dimensions 30x60
Volleyball net dimensions women and men Women-7’ 4” High Men- 8’ High
What was the original name of volleyball And who created it Mintonette William Morgan
How many players are on a b-ball team 5
What are the b-ball positions and how many 2 forwards 2 guards 1 center
Who are considered scorers Everyone
What are the fouls names Technical, personal, intentional
What do fouls result in 2 shots
How many fouls are allowed per game 5 per person
What happens to someone with their foul limit Cannot play in game or the next one
B-ball court dimensions ms, hs, college/pro Ms: 42’x74’ Hs: 50’x84’ C/P: 50’x95’
B-ball Basket dimensions 19in diameter and 10 foot High
How far is the 3pt line 19foot 9in
How far is free throw line from basket 15foot
What is a basket worth 2 points
How long can offense be in the lane for then can you go back 3 seconds then you can go back, but you want to keep moving
Created by: m.cars