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World War II

America At War

Albert Einstein german jew described atomic bomb to roosevelt in letter in 1939 famous scientist dude with crazy hair
Anti-Semitism the discrimination or violent hostility directed at the jews
Atlantic Charter joint declaration between WINSTON CHURCHILL and ROOSEVELT on the future of the US Allies working together to fight Axis powers became basis of the UNITED NATIONS
Bataan Death March Japan and Filipinos japan made prisoners march 60 miles lasted 6-12 days 25,000 prisoners died geneva convention
Battle of Guadalcanal JAPAN vs US MARINES US destroyed Japanese air fields and won
Battle of Normandy GERMANY vs US/BRITISH happened in France retake Europe from the west Allies won
Battle of Okinawa JAPAN vs US MARINES last obstacle before attacking Japanese homeland US won
Battle of Stalingrad GERMANY vs RED ARMY German and soviet union stop german expansion eastward happened in USSR allies won
Battle of the Bulge GERMANY vs US/BRITISH happened on border of France and Germany break last German offensive position allies won
Concentration Camps places where political prisoners are confined,usually under harsh conditions Jews and such taken here against their will bad, sad, awful, dammit hitler
African Americans during war most famous black military unit: TUSKEGEE AIRMEN Navajo Indians were recruited to transmit secret info using their native language
Auschwitz infamous concentration camp 12,000 victims could be gassed and cremated in a single day here
Ending war in Europe May 8, 1945 German surrender V-E Day
Ending war in pacific atomic bombings against Japan Japan surrenders August 14,1945 official surrender on Sept 2, 1945 (6 years, 1 day after it started) surrender on USS Missouri
Ghettos sealed off areas within a city where Jewish people were forced to live
Harry Truman Vice President to Roosevelt took Presidency after Roosevelt died of a stroke commenced bombing of Japan with atomic bombs
Henry Ford had car company used company to make B-24 Bomber Planes used assembly line method made a plane every 11 minutes from 1942-1945 (about 131/day)
Financing War 1. increased taxes 2. borrowed money from banks and investors 3. government held bond drives which collected over $186 billion
Hiroshima August 6 1945 about 8 am a large Japanese military base first bombing target against Japan
Nagasaki August 9 1945 second bombing target
Holocaust systematic murder of European Jews started by Hitler
Internment Camps US sent Japanese Americans to confinement in remote areas along the west coast they lost their jobs, homes, health left in 1945 but it took until 1988 for government to repay each family $20k and an apolgy
Manhattan Project atomic bomb project code name everyone made a small piece, not knowing what they were making
Nuremburg Laws 1935 -stripped Jews of German citizenship -outlawed marriage between Jews and non Jews -encouraged boycotts of Jewish businesses
Kristallnacht Night of Broken Glass over 250 synagogues were burned over 7000 Jewish businesses trashed and looted many Jews killed
Rationing food: sugar, coffee, meats, cheese rationing books victory gardens grown
Rosie the Riveter attracted female workers gave sense of patriotism woman wearing bandanna "we can do it"
Selective service and training act required all males 21-36 to register for military service in case they didn't have enough volunteers a total of 16 million Americans or GI's (Government Issued) served as soldiers, sailors, and aviators during WWII
Shortages recycling for scrap metal, paper, and rubber
Transport to concentration camps The SS (some of Hitler's police) transported Jews
Victory Gardens family grown during rationing to supply themselves with fresh vegetables and allow the soldiers to have farm produced vegetables
Women's roles during war worked in manufacturing (planes, ships, etc) nurses
Geneva Convention -take prisoner that surrenders, no shooting them -must give them food, water, and clothing to prisoners of war
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