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Which European country was the “early leader” where N. American colonization was concerned? Spain
Which country took over after Spain's’ decline? Dutch
Who negotiated a lease for the entire island of Manhattan Indians? Peter Minuit
What was one thing that financial minister Jean Baptiste Colbert did while he held office? Created the “company of the west”
What role did the Native Americans play in the Spanish conquest of the Aztecs? They helped the Spanish conquer them.
What would happen if Native American tribal elders and storytellers were killed in large numbers? Culture and heritage would be lost.
What is the significance of the house of Burgesses? It was the first representative assembly in the colonies.
What was the Great Migration? Mass migration of European to the colonies to escape religious persecution.
Who was Benedict Arnold? He was an American officer who defected to the British army. He planned to surrender the American for at West Point, New York to the British, but his plan was discovered before he could carry it out.
Why did the Continental Congress send Benjamin Franklin to Paris, France in 1776? What was the purpose? In hopes to win formal recognition of American Independence.
What did the Stamp Act Congress want to do? Stop Parliament from imposing direct taxes on the colonies. Wanted to deny parliament’s right to directly tax the colonies.
Why was Benjamin Franklin sent by Congress to Paris in 1776? To gain formal recognition of American Independence.
What does “republican womanhood” refer to? The practice of mothers & wives to sustain American values and raise a new generation of “concerned citizens” during the revolutionary war.
Write the definition of the term naturalization in your own words. This term means “the process of admitting a foreign immigrant to the citizenship of a country”.
What happened during the Shay’s Rebellion? A disgruntled farmer from Massachusetts led a mob of farmers in a march on the capital. The government had voted down "stay laws". They freed several imprisoned farmers who hadn't been able to pay their debts.
What were the Articles of Confederation? The plan to create a government system that was submitted by John Dickinson of Pennsylvania. Originally, it called for a strong national government, this changed as members of the Continental Congress changed it so that state governments had more power.
What does the term judicial review mean/ refer to? This term refers to the idea that the Supreme Court has the authority to review laws to ensure their Constitutionality.
Which Supreme Court case established the idea of judicial review? “Marbury vs. Madison”
What did the Judiciary Act of 1801 do/ provide for? This Act "greatly expanded the federal court system".
Explain what the Embargo Act of 1807 did where trade was related. It closed all foreign ports to U.S. trade as of January 1, 1808, unless England agreed to recognize the U.S. as a neutral nation with rights.
How the Berlin Decree of 1806 relate to the Embargo Act of 1807? They both dealt with stopping or ending trade with France.
What event started Metacomet's War? The events that started this included three (3) Wampanoag warriors being accused of murdering an English colonist & the colonists' refusal to turn them over to their tribe to face the tribal justice system.
What event(s) started the Pequot War? The events that started this included the murder of a "trader of questionable integrity" - John Oldham - and the subsequent accusations that members of the Pequot tribe murdered him.
What event(s) started Pontiac's War? The Ottawa tribe grew angry after their French allies lost to the British in the French & Indian War. The British had mistreated them, especially when it came to disregarding their culture.
What event(s) started the Tuscarora War? German & Swiss immigrants settled on Tuscarora tribal lands without permission. The Tuscarora tribe tried to establish trade with them to try to maintain peace, but they grew angry when they discovered they were being taken advantage of.
What does the term “impressment” mean/refer to? The practice of kidnapping American sailors and homeless males to serve as crew members onboard British ships.
What was Macon’s Bill No. 2? A law that states that merchants could trade with combatants if they were willing to accept the risk, unless England or France lifted the blockade. In that case, the U.S. would stop trading with them.
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