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America at War

Albert Einstein Brilliant Jewish scientist who wrote to Roosevelt, telling him about the German atomic bomb
Anti-Semitism Hatred/Discrimination towards People of the Book (or, in WWII's case, the Jewish population)
Atlantic Charter A joint declaration between Churchill and Roosevelt on the future of the US working with the Allies to defeat the Axis Powers
Battle of Guadalcanal August-February 1943 US Marines vs. Japan - US objective was to destroy airfields Took place on an island in the Pacific Ocean US won
Battle of Normandy June 6, 1944 Also known as D-Day Britain/US vs. Germany - B/US objective was to retake Europe from the west Took place in France Allies (B/US) won
Battle of Okinawa April 1945 US vs Japan - Last obstacle before reaching Japan US won
Battle of Stalingrad 1941-1943 Turning point of the War Germany invaded Russia in an attempt to push the Red Army and gain territory, but the USSR ended up pushing Germany back
Concentration Camps Camps set up by Nazis to instill forced labor upon Jews, political prisoners, and POWs
Ghettos In WWII, they were areas in towns where all the Jewish citizens were forced to live, closed off from the rest of society
Harry Truman US Vice President who became President when Roosevelt died (of a stroke) Ended WWII
Hiroshima The second-ever atomic bomb was dropped here on August 6th, 1945 to try and force Japan's surrender
Holocaust Adolf Hitler's influence during WWII that brought genocide and inhumane values
Manhattan Project The secret building of the atomic bomb; individual pieces were built around the US, all by different people who had no idea what kind of bomb they were assembling
Rationing In the US, sugar, coffee, and meats were rationed Rationing books were used so people could get food based on how many food stamps they had
Rosie the Riveter A fictitious poster-woman created to inspire women to join the work effort and take "men's jobs"
Selective Service and Training Act Made so men would be forced to "consent" to being drafted as soon as they turn 18 Compulsory "volunteership"
Shortages Rationing limited goods (gas, metal, rubber, and nylon were needed for the War) Recycling centers were made for scrap metal, paper, and rubber
Victory Gardens Families would grow gardens to supply themselves with food (this allowed soldiers to have farm-produced food)
Women's Roles During the War They built weapons, made goods, made food and clothing, etc. Did "men's jobs" when they were at war
African-Americans During WWII Employers requested whites-only for jobs Roosevelt executed Executive Order 8802, which made employers hire "without discrimination because of race, creed, color, or national origin".
Auschwitz The most notorious Nazi death camp
Ending War in Europe The Allies pushed the Germans back (German territory reduced) and forced everybody involved to sign a treaty
Ending War in the Pacific The US signed the treaty along with the rest of the Allies
Financing War Allies: Lend-Lease Act (US lent Allies money to produce weapons and fight) Axis: Seized land
Nagasaki The third US atomic bomb, the Fat Man, was dropped on August 9, 1945 (3 days after the Hiroshima incident) Japan surrendered after this
Nuremburg Laws Anti-Semitic laws set in Germany and German-invaded countries to cast out Jewish people
Kristallnacht "Night of Broken Glass" Jewish businesses/homes destroyed, synagogues burnt to the ground The final step in segregating the Jews
Transport to Concentration Camps People were transported to camps in cattle car rides that lasted for days at a time
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