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american @ war

american fight in a WW2

Qustions Answers
What are ghettos they are place where Germany first place jews
Concentration camps they are place where Germany put jews to work
Albert Einstein gave us what he told us about a antic bomb for us to make/use for japan
Battle of Stalingrad it was the turning point in the war and it was soviet union(red army) vs Germany
Battle of Okinawa it was the USA vs Japan and was one of the bloodiest battles
battle of the bulge British.U.S. vs Germany/ they break the last German offensive positions
Battle of Normandy British.U.S vs Germany/Retake Europe from the west
Battle of Guadalcanal U.S. marines vs japan /USA destroy Japanese airfield's
Anti-Semitism The discrimination or violet's hostility directed at jews
Atlantic Charter A joint declaration between Winston and Roosevelt on the fight of the U.S. working with the Allies to fight the axis power.
Bataan Death March The Japanese will force march the prisoners 60 miles
Harry Truman The new president after Roosevelt dies
Henry Ford His company began making B-24 Bomber planes
Hiroshima the first place where USA drop the atomic bomb
Holocaust The systematic murder of European jews
Internment camps USA put Japanese-American in the camp for there safety
Manhattan Project The name they gave the bomb to keep it the outside from knowing
End war in Europe It was April 12,1945 the soviet were the first to reach Germany and they push the German back to berlin where Hitler was so know that he couldn't win he took he on life with a pill and a shot gun to his head
End of war in pacific The bomb that albert told us about let us end the war with japan a easy win for us
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