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This will help with the mid term exam

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia developed this first writing system that used symbols to represent sounds cuneiform
We know so much about the Sumerians because they wrote on this material, that would dry and last to this day clay
These were Sumerian long stories, usually written about their gods and heroes Epic
This Sumerian Epic is believed to be the oldest surviving story from Sumeria The Epic of Gilgamesh
This rule book or code was the written law for Babylonians, it stated clear rules with clear punishments, eye for an eye... Code of Hammurabi
This is the leader of Ancient Egyptians, and they believed that they were not human, but gods on Earth Pharaoh
Egyptians used this writing system, it used symbols for words and some symbols stood for sounds Hieroglyphics
There were three Egyptian Dynasties, or Families of Rulers, the three are referred to as the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom
During the Old Kingdom Khufu built the largest of these as an Tomb, his wives had smaller ones built The Great Pyramid
This city in Ancient Israel is sacred to Muslims, Christians and Jews Jerusalem
This is the most important religious text in the Jewish faith Torah
He is one of the most important figures in Hebrew tradition, he left polytheistic Ur, in Sumeria traveled to Israel where he began the practice of Monotheism Abraham
At the age of 90 Sarah, the wife of Abraham, gave birth to him Isaac
Abraham's grand son is him, who has twelve sons who become the twelve tribes of Israel Jacob
The Jewish escape from slavery in Egypt is recorded in this book of Torah Exodus
This Disney Film covered the story of Exodus Prince of Egypt
According to Exodus, what sea did Moses divide to escape Egyptian soldiers Red Sea
According to the Egyptian social structure what type of people are just below Pharoahs Priests and high government officials
The Egyptians invented this, made from reeds it made writing easier and more compact and lighter to carry Papyrus
This is a nickname for the Yellow River in China, it is so because of from time to time it floods and causes much death and destruction River of Sorrow
This road was a lifeline of trade from China overland to Constantinople and Europe Silk Road
This was built to prevent invaders from entering China from the North and Mongolia The Great Wall
This is the Imperial Palace in Beijing, so called because only certain people are allowed to enter The Forbidden City
His basic beliefs system included the Five Great Relationships Confucius
Today China is ruled with this form of government Communism
This square was the site of a student protest against government regulations in many aspects of life and freedoms in 1989 Tiananmen Square
Today, China is almost the sole trading partner with this Asian country that has a totalitarian government North Korea
The time period in Japan between early 1600 to the 1850's are known as Shogunate Japan
How many ruling families have been Emperors in Japan One
These are powerful military rulers in Japan, they controlled the land for over 200 years Shoguns
These were the warriors in Japan Samarai
Toyotomi Hideyoshi was a great Samarai who unified Japan, he could not become a Shogun because he was born a Peasant
Where did Tokugawa Ieyasu force all Daimyo to live part of the time to keep an eye on them Edo
This form of Japanese poetry follows this pattern of syllables: 5-7-5 Haiku
This form of poetry is an extension to Haiku and includes 31 syllables Tanka
The Greeks had to settle colonies because they lacked good farmland
Greek Civilization developed out to this Ancient Civilization Mycenaean
These two Greek city states became great rivals, but would join each other in times when they were threatened by outside forces Athens and Sparta
This Empire was the greatest threat to the Greeks around 300 BCE Persia
What is considered the Greatest Greek victory over the Persians? Battle of Marathon
Xerxes decided to punish the Greeks after his father lost at Marathon, his plan was to attack Greece by land
It was at this narrow valley that 300 Spartans held off more than 340,000 Persians for a whole day to buy time for his other troops Thermopylae
Though Xerxes defeated the Spartans at Thermopylae and burned Athens to the ground, his navy was destroyed at ___________ ending the Persian attempt to conquer Greece Salamis
This was Xerxes fate, committed by governors he appointed to rule satrapies Assassinated
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