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Civics - Unit 1

Unit 1 Vocab & Review Questions

Civics The study of the rights and responsibilities of a U.S. Citizen.
Citizen An individual with certain rights and duties under a government and who by birth or by choice, owes allegiance to that government.
Government The organizations, institutions, and individuals who hold power over a group of people.
14th Amendment Defines citizenship
Immigrants People who come to a country to settle as permanent residents.
Quotas Set numbers
Aliens People who live in a nation but are not citizens of that nation.
Refugees People who flee persecution in their homeland to seek safety in another nation.
Native-born citizen A person who has citizenship based on birth in the United States or its territories.
Deport To force a person to leave a country.
Naturalization A legal process by which aliens become citizens.
What kind of government does the United States have? Democracy
What are the two means of obtaining citizenship? Birth and Naturalization
A democratic society requires what from its citizens? Active participation
Immigration and Naturalization, particularly in the 20th century has led to what kind of society? Diverse
To become a citizen through naturalization a person must - Demonstrate knowledge of American History and the ability to read, write, and speak English
What are three ways for citizens to participate in community service? Support democratic insitutions, help the community, and express concern about the community's welfare
Thoughtful and effective participation of civic life depends upon the exercise of... Good citizenship
What are some character traits of a good citizen? Honesty, accountability, responsibility, courtesy, self-reliance, repect for the law, respect for the rights of others, patriotism
Which character trait is showing respect for your country? Patriotism
What character trait is showing polite behavior in public? Courtesy
Civic Duties Mandatory actions all citizens must fulfill according to the law
What are the 5 civic duties? Pay taxes, obey laws, serve in the military, serve on a jury, education
Citizens who do not fulfill their civic duties face... Legal consequences
Civic Responsibility The "shoulds" of citizenship. These actions are voluntary.
What are the civic responsibilities of citizenship? Register and vote, hold elected office, communicate with government officials, serve in volutary positions, participate in political campaigns, keep informed, respect others rights to an equal voice in gov't
What are the 5 protections found in the 1st Amendment? Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Petition, and Freedom of Speech
Few rights, if any, are considered... Absolute
Which 1st Amendment freedom says the gov't cannot establish/endorse any religion Freedom of Religion
Which 1st Amendment freedom says that individuals have the right to peacefully gather? Freedom of Assembly
Which 1st Amendment freedom says that people have the right to gather and publish information including that which criticizes the government? Freedom of the Press
Which 1st Amendment freedom says individuals have the right to make their views known to public officials? Freedom of Petition
Which 1st Amendment freedom says individuals are free to express their opinions and beliefs? Freedom of Speech
Bill of Rights First 10 amendments to the US Constitution
Due Process The constitutional protections against unfair governmental actions and laws
What are the due process amendments? 5th and 14th Amendment
Which amendment protects us from unfair actions of the federal government? 5th Amendment
Which amendment protects us from unfair actions of the state government? 14th Amendment
What is separation of church and state? The separation of religion and government.
Search Warrent A legal document granted by a judge that permits police to enter and search a place where there is reason to believe evidence of a crime will be found
Indict To formally accuse a person of a crime
Self-Incrimination Testifying against oneself
Double Jeopardy Being tried a second time for the same crime
Bail Money or property an accused person gives a court to hold as a guarantee that he or she will appear for trial
Libel Written falsehoods that damage another person's reputation
Slander Spoken false statements that damage another person's reputation
Created by: Jrafter