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To vote in IL a person must be a citizen, 18 years old, IL resident 30 days and registered to vote
The current IL Constitution was adopted in 1970
Article 1 of the IL Constitution is known as the The Bill of Rights
In IL, legislative power is vested in a body known as The General Assembly
The legal officer of the State of IL is called The Attorney General
How many Constitutions has IL had? 4
IL was the____state admitted into the Union. 21st
The IL House of Representatives has how many members? 118
The primary purpose of the General Assembly is To make the laws for the state
The IL Supreme Court consists of how many judges? 7
The term of office for a Circuit Court Judge is how many years? 6
The terms of office for Supreme and Appellate Court Judges are 10
If the Governor vetoes a bill, the bill can still become a law if General Assembly overrides the veto with 3/5 vote in both houses
The judicial branch has the power to Interpret the law
In IL, State Representatives serve terms of 2
To serve as an IL State Senator, an individual must be how old? 21
IL has how many judicial circuits? 23
A bill must be read on how many different days in each house before it can be voted on? 3
Which article provides for free public education for all IL residents through high school? Article 10
In IL, general elections are always held The first Tuesday after first Monday in November in even years
The current governor (2017) of IL is Bruce Bauner
Secretary of state is in charge of issuing driver's licenses. Who is Illinois's Secretary of State? Jesse White
This is a power granted to the national government and not the state Printing money
This is a power granted tot he state, rather than the national government Ratifying Amendments to the U.S. Constitution
How old does a person have to be in order to run for the Governor of IL? 25
Created by: LucyJP