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Smuggler and fancy signer of declaration John Handcock
Writer of common sense and crisis Thomas Paine
Founder of the sons of liberty Samuel Adams
General who brought cannons from Ticonderoga Henry Knox
Commander of the continental army George Washington
American ship captain who wouldn't give up his ship Paul Johns
American Swamp Fox guerrilla leader Marion Francis
Talented American general who turned Benidic Arnold
British general who lost the war Cornwallis
the writer declaration of independence Thomas Jefferson
Prussian officer who trained the Americans at valley forge Fredrick Von Stuben
Polish allies of America who helped build defenses Tadeusz
Spaniard who pursued other countries to send money to the Americans Juan De Miralles
Marquis from France who joined the Americans earl y in battle Layafyette
Battle that ended the American Revolution Yorktown
Spaniard who helped colonial SW Americans Benardo de galvez
French Genaral who came up with the Yorktown plan to win the war Ruchambeau
Men from local communities who volunteered to fight Militia Men
Men who were ready to fight in a moments notice minuite me
The groups who took over fort Ticonderoga the green mt boys
cololinists who suported independence patriots
colinists who wanted to remain british loyalists
coloinits who refused to take sides neutrals
hired soldiers mercenaries
Semi secret who sed violence to rebel aginst the british actions sons of liberty
group who boycotted british goods and drank hernal tea and coffee daughters of liberty
group of colonists who shared with the colonies what the British were up to comites of corispondens
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