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1 Semester Test

Something done or said that becomes an example for others to follow. precedent
A group of advisers to the president. cabinet
Supreme Court is this Branch of Gov't Judicial Branch
Certificate that promises to repay borrowed money in the future. bond
This Branch of Gov't makes laws. Legislative
Settlement of a disagreement reachedy by each side giving up some of what it wants in order to reach an agreement. compromise
The President and VP are in charge of this branch Executive
clearly different from others distinct
Checks or limits the power of the other branches of gov't checks and balances
To keep maintain
Seizing people against their will and forcing them to serve in the military impressment
To deliver or hand out issue
Congress is another name for this Legislative
To find a solution to settle a conflict resolve
To review the actions of the other branches of government to make sure they are constitutional judicial review
The idea that states should have all the power states rights
Right to a fair and speedy trial Amendment 6
No soldier can be housed without consent of the owner Amendment 3
The first 10 Amendments are known as the Bill of Rights
Right to bear arms Amendment 2
Carbon dating helps scientists come up with a(n) __ of an artifact's age estimate
When large mammals started dying out, early Americans had to search for different __ of food. sources
Many early American civilizations were technologically advanced and created __methods for tracking time, counting and writing. complex
The Inca cut broad platforms called __ into their mountainous lands in order to farm. terrace
To supply water to crops by artificial means irrigate
A person who moves from place to place nomad
A form of writing that uses symbols or pictures to represent things, ideas and sounds hieroglyphics
A highly developed society civilization
The study of ancient peoples is called archaeology
Which method of getting food changed the nomadic way of life. farming
Culture is defined as a way of life
The ____________ helped lead to the Civil War. Triangular Trade
What did America trade to England in the Triangular Trade? sugar, tobacco, rice, and cotton
What was the first (successful) settled colony in North America named? Jamestown
Someone who undertakes a religious journey pilgrims
What did the pilgrims have to sign in order to land at Plymouth? Mayflower Compact
American colonists were prohibited from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains by the______. Proclamation of 1763
Parliament authorized writs of assistance that _________. allowed officials to search for smuggled goods
The Sugar Act angered the colonists because_________. they believed it violated their rights as English citizens
What promise did England make to the colonists if they helped win the French and Indian War that they later broke? They could expand west into the lands gained from France
The Sons of Liberty in response to the Stamp Act began burning effigies, which were ________ stuffed figures representing a unliked individual
refusing to buy items in order to show disapproval or force acceptance of one's terms is _________ boycott
During Revolutionary era, civilian sworn to be ready to fight with only one minute's notice is called a minuteman
American colonist who allied with Britain and opposed the war for independence was called_________ Loyalist
American colonist who favored American independence was called________ Patriot
What event resulted with 5 men dying from English soldiers and became a key event to the American Revolutionary War Boston Massacre
Which Act was also known as the Coercive Act which forced the colonists to do something? Intolerable Acts
Which taxation act, showed the British that the colonists were going to resist their authority by boycotting? Stamp Act
Who would become the leader of the Continental Army that was formed during the Second Continental Congress? George Washington
To carry out administrate
The process of becoming a citizen of another country. naturalization
The legal rules and procedures the government must observe before depriving a person of life, liberty, or property. due process
Power shared by the states and federal government. concurrent
Government with limited powers strictly defined by law. limited gov't
To include involve
To go against or state the opposite contradict
Reduce, make smaller diminish
A principal by which powers are divided among different branches of government to make sure no one branch has too much power. separation of powers
Power of the court to judge whether or not actions of other branches are constitutional. judicial review
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin Great Britain
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin in America New England
Who explored the Warrior's Path through the Appalachian Mountains? Daniel Boone
Why does the Industrial Revolution mark a historic change in the country? People began working in factories and mills.
Private property is one major part of a/an ____ system? free enterprise
In the early 1800s, most Americans worked ____. as farmers
Which person memorized the designs of machines used in British factories in order to bring secrets to the United States? Samuel Slater
One danger of living in a city during the early 1800s was ____. threat of fire
Which geographical feature was most important for the growth of cities? .rivers
When Eli Whitney made muskets for the government, he came up with the idea of creating interchangeable parts.
How did the cotton gin speed up the production of cotton? It removed the seeds from cotton.
Created by: sstlscott
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