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US History Mid Term

Questions and answers related to the mid term

This last Progressive President helped with progressive ideals such as child labor and business regulations, he even helped with women's rights Woodrow Wilson
This ship sank in the Atlantic on it's maiden voyage by hitting an iceberg, killing more than 1,200 people Titanic
This disaster killed more than 140 immigrant girls in a fire, they were trapped in a high rise with little chance to escape Triangle Shirt Waist Fire
He believed social segregation was OK, so long as all laws and opportunities are equal Booker T Washington
This infuriated Americans and is a major reason why the US entered WWI, it was a communication from Germany to ask Mexico to fight the US, in return they would get back territories lost to the US. Zimmerman Telegram
This British ship was sunk by a German submarine, it killed more than 1,100 people, 128 were Americans Lusitania
Our warships sent to the Pacific and to Havana, Cuba were sent primarily to protect this Business interests
This is the nickname given to the British, French, Italian and US group who met in during the 1919 Paris Peace Conference Big Four
The initial purpose of the "Big Four" was to create this Lasting peace, to prevent future wars
This was Upton Sinclair's book that exposed the horrible conditions in the meat packing industry The Jungle
This practice during the Gilded Age was when a single person or company controlled all aspects of production, ie. coal mines, steel mills, construction companies etc... Vertical Integration of business
Child labor, working conditions, social welfare, ending unfair government practices, improving morality were all aspects of this movement Progressive
Buildings were now regulated with fire codes to protect workers was a result of this disaster Triangle Shirt Waist Fire
He toured the US trying to win support for his idea of League of Nations, he suffers a stroke in the process and we never join the League Woodrow Wilson
He began to revolutionize manufacturing by creating efficient, reliable and affordable cars using assembly lines Henry Ford
The US was very successful at selling these to US Citizens, they were like loans to the government to pay for the war Liberty Bonds
Upton Sinclair's book "The Jungle" was significant in the creation of this Act that regulates how food is made, the conditions in food production and the control of what goes into food and drugs The Pure Food and Drug Act
This Gilded Age business practice was to have complete control, or a monopoly of an industry Horizontal Integration of business
The US never ratifies, or approves, this Treaty because it was designed to punish Germany for the Great War. Treaty of Versailles
One major cause of the Great Migration, the movement of African-Americans from states to northern and western states was these unfair laws Jim Crow Laws
What did the 18th Amendment Prohibit, not allow manufacture, sale or transportation of alcoholic beverages, Prohibition
This amendment gave the right to vote to African-American males 15th
This Amendment gave women the right to vote 19th
This was the Spark that started World War I Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Sophia
This act forced companies to include labels on food and medicines that honestly described the contents The Food and Drug Act
This Policy said that nations, including the US, should be free to trade with China, in other words, no one nation or nations can block out others Open Door Policy
This Amendment repealed "overturned" the 18th or Prohibition Amendment 21st
These laws dramatically increased the numbers of children to attend schools, and freed up mothers who could now have jobs Child Labor Laws
The overall plan of FDR's New Deal could be summed up with these 3 R's Recovery, Reform, and Relief
The day the stock market crashed in 1929 became known as Black Tuesday
The New Deal program which primarily employed single, young men and worked to preserve parks and forests Civilian Conservation Corps or CCC
New Deal program tasked with providing electricity to the people of the Tennessee River Valley through dams and other means Tennessee Valley Authority or TVA
This Amendment was the goal of the Woman's Suffrage Movement, it gave women the right to vote in all elections 19th Amendment
With this Amendment the manufacture, sale or transportation of liquor was made illegal, starting the age of Prohibition 18th Amendment
This Amendment African Americans the right to vote, this led to a series of Jim Crow laws in the South that made it difficult, if not impossible, for African Americans to enjoy this right. 15ht Amendment
The Bonus Army marched on Washington in 1932 to demand payment of a promise made for service during this conflict World War I
Almost 45,000 strong, theBonus Army did march on Washington demanding payment on a promise made to them, they were not paid until 1945, why did it take so long for the government to keep it's promise The Great Depression and World War II kept our nation too poor to pay
At the beginning of the Great Depression under President Hoover hundreds of thousands of unemployed became homeless and built shack towns on the edges of cities, these Shantytowns were given a name to shame Hoover Hoovervilles
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was President longer than any other, he held the office from 1933-1945
Because FDR's New Deal had many programs that were coined with letters like the CCC, TVA, WPA, NIRA, FICA etc...the New Deal Programs were often referred to as Alphabet Soup
Buying on Margin was a tactic abused before the Great Stock Market crash in that it was the method of buying these, with money you borrow Stocks
This Dictator rose to power in Germany while we were suffering from the Great Depression Adolph Hitler
Adolph Hitler used the German peoples anger and frustration over what they saw as the unfair, unjust and cruel terms of this Treaty Treaty of Versailles
These nations joined together in the 1930's to become the AXIS Powers Germany, Italy and Japan
The war was raging in Europe since September 1939, the US stayed out of the War until it was bombed at Pearl Harbor by this Axis Power on December 7,1941. Japan
The US stayed out of WW2 up until we were bombed at Pearl Harbor because our nation was practicing this international policy Isolationism
Hitler and Stalin shocked the world in August of 1939 when they signed this agreement just days before both would invade Poland Non-Aggression Pact
When the Stock Market crashed in 1929 Hoover reacted this tactic, a policy that the government should have nothing to do with business affairs Laissez-faire, or hands off, or leave alone
The League of Nations was this Americans idea, it was part of his 14 Points to a new Democratic world order after WWI, the US never joined this League Woodrow Wilson
In this President's first hundred days he completely reversed the idea that government has no role in business or economics in the US with his New Deal Plans Franklin Delano Roosevelt
This International Body proved to be completely useless because the US did not join it, and it lacked an army, and proved to be completely useless when nations like Italy and Japan ignored or walked out on it League of Nations
Why did Britain and France sit idly by while Hitler broke terms of the Treaty of Versailles over and over again A. they were too weak to do anything about it, and B. they saw the Soviet Union as the greater threat to world peace
Britain and France allowed Germany to invade and annex a portion of Czechoslovakia with this, it was part of a policy of was a big mistake and Czechs hate the British to this day because of it Munich Agreement
Under the Treaty of Versailles Germany was limited to this size of military, the idea on the part of France was that it would make them incapable of waging another war 100,000 soldiers, six small cruisers (battle ships), no submarines, no air force.
Under the Treaty of Versailles was was made to have blame for WWI, something called the Guilt Clause Germany
Under the Treaty of Versailles what happened to all German colonies They were given to the League of Nations, the League was to decide who they go to
Under the Treaty of Versailles Germany was forced to pay this, it added up to more than $6,600 Billion Reparations
Under the Treaty of Versailles Germany lost large territories to these nations that had long been part of Germany and German tradition France and Poland
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