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Unit 5 History

What was the 1st major battle in the Texas Revolution? Battle Of Gonzales October 2, 1835
What was the 2nd major battle in the Texas Revolution? Battle Of The Alamo March 6, 1836
What was the 3rd major battle in the Texas Revolution? Battle Of Coleto Creek March 20, 1836
What was the last major battle in the Texas Revolution? Battle Of San Jacinto April 21, 1836
What was significant about the Battle Of Gonzales to Texas? The cannon that killed one man and the phrase "Come And Take It"
Who wrote the famous letter from the Alamo to Sam Houston and what was the purpose? William B Travis- Wrote the letter asking for more men and said that he will never surrender or retreat
Who carried the letter from the Alamo? Juan Seguin
What was making life tough for the Mexicans? They were moving farther and farther away from their home, therefore making it harder to get supplies
What was the purpose of the Texans meeting in Washington? Where the Declaration Of Independence of Texas was signed by Santa Anna stating that Mexico would recognize Texas as its own country
What role did George Childress play in the Texas Revolution? He was the author of the Declaration Of Independence of Texas
What was the result of the Battle Of Coleto? Why was it so "lopsided" 300-some Texans died because Fannin stopped in the middle of an open field
What happened at the Battle Of San Jacinto? Santa Anna is captured and defeated
Where did most of the battles of the Texas Revolution take place? Coastal Plains
What were Texans granted when they won their fight for Independence? Freedom of Religion
Created by: alyssap2319