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Texas History 3rd SW Test Review

Law of April 6, 1830 Banned all immigration from the US into Texas
Turtle Bayou Resolutions brought what 3 changes Mexican army returning to Mexico, John Bradburn relieved of his command, TX prisoners freed
Battles were fought in the Texas Revolution Era Battle of Gonzales, Alamo, Goliad, San Jacinto
James Fannin Was surrounded in an open field with no way to retreat, SURRENDERED at Coleto Creek and was executed along with 300 of his men the Goliad Massacre
Sam Houston Leader of the TX army in the Battle of San Jacinto and 1st President of the Republic of Texas
William B. Travis Commander of Texas Forces at the Battle of the Alamo also wrote a famous letter signed off "Victory or Death" at the Alamo
Juan Seguin Key figure in the battle of San Jacinto, only Tejano who served in the Republic of TX government
Battle of Gonzales Battle showed people that Texas could defeat Mexico. "Come and Take It!
1835 Battle of Gonzales happened in what year?
Early March of 1836 The Battle of the Alamo happened when?
Late March, 1836 The Goliad Massacre happened when?
April of 1836 Battle the San Jacinto happened when?
Mirabeau Lamar 2nd President of the Republic of Texas, Favored hostile treatment of the Native Americans (Indians), sent an expedition to Santa Fe which lead to TX prisoners & eventually annexation with the U.S.
The Texas Rangers Their role during the Republic Era of Texas was to prevent Native American (Indian) attacks and protect the frontier
Southeast Part of Texas Most battles of the Texas Revolution where fought where?
The Navy Sam Houston favored cutting back on the debt of the New Republic of Texas by making cuts with this group.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Ended the Mexican War & gave all of western North American including California to the US through cession.
Separation of Powers Represented by the 3 branches of government that run our country and state.
Annexation The action of acquiring something, especially territory.
1845 The year that Texas was annexed by the United States.
Zachary Taylor Led Us forces into Mexico and defeated Santa Anna in the Mexican War.
The Mexican War Dispute over land area between the Rio Grande and Nueces rivers was one of the causes of this conflict.
The Annexation of Texas by the United States Another cause of the Mexican War
Germany A large number of immigrants from this European country settled in Central Texas
Anson Jones 3rd President of the Republic of Texas - President when Texas was annexed by the United States.
Mirabeau Lamars Treatment of Native Americans (Indians) Hostile Actions 1. Forced Cherokees into Oklahoma 2. Killed their Chief - John Bowles 3. Council House fight - with the Comanches