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colonization of GA.

project for cargill

Who were the Missipians The Mississippian culture was a mound-building Native American civilization
who was hernando desoto he set out for North America, where he discovered the Mississippi River.
what was the charter of 1732 The first twenty years of Georgia history are referred to as Trustee Georgia because during that time a Board of Trustees governed the colony. England's King George signed a charter establishing the colony and creating its governing board
who is james ogelathorpe James Edward Oglethorpe Member of Parliament, and philanthropist, as well as the founder of the colony of Georgia. As a social reformer, he hoped to resettle Britain's worthy poor in the New World, initially focusing on those in debtors' prisons
who is tomochichi Tomochichi was a seventeenth-century Creek leader and the head chief of a Yamacraw town on the site of present-day Savannah, Georgia. He gave his land to James Oglethorpe to build the city of Savannah
who is mary musgrove was of mixed Yamacraw and English ancestry. She facilitated in the development of Colonial Georgia and became an important intermediary between Muscogee Creek natives and the English colonists
why is savannah important beacuse thats where james ogelathorpe was going to make the land for the debtours
what is the yamacraw bluff Yamacraw Bluff is a bluff situated on the bank of the Savannah River. The bluff is most notable for being the spot upon which General James Edward Oglethorpe landed to settle the colony of Georgia
who werethe saltzburgers The Georgia Salzburgers, a group of German-speaking Protestant colonists, founded the town of Ebenezer in what is now Effingham County
who were the highland scots The Scottish Highlands are a mountainous region encompassing northwest Scotland. Loch Ness is at the centre, overlooked by the ruins of medieval Urquhart Castle and known for mythical monster “Nessie”
who were the trustee colony Trustee Georgia is the name of the period covering the first twenty years of Georgia history
who were the royal colonys a colony, as New York, administered by a royal governor and council appointed by the British crown
what religous group was not allowed catholics
why was achohal banned because the land was for debutors so they cant have "fun"
why did james oglathorpe bring people to georgia because they were debturs
who translated for james ogelathorpe mary musgrove
who sent hernando desoto spanish
what is malcontents In December a group of Georgia settlers - who came to be known as “Malcontents” - petitioned the Georgia Trustees to allow slavery in the colony. Their efforts were opposed by James Oglethorpe
what role did the jews played in the conalzation of georgia the trustee
what goods where sold at this time period wine,rice,indigo,tabaco
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