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striff dark ages

what is a cultural revolution? give EXAMPLE a major rational change in amat aspect of a culture
give an example of a intellectual revolution? women’s right
wht is the def of intellectual revolution? and major or arrival change in the way a society sees the world as a whole
what is a political revolution? give EXAMLLE a overthrow Or thorough replacement in a established government overthrown by the ppl governed
the renicasnce started in ______ and eventually spread to ______ florence, italy. and. northern europe
give time period of rnoscance 1450-1550
give the 4 causes of the renicance 1. lessing of fudism 2 fall of constantinople 3 value of education 4 nostalgia (nolstagic about roman empire)
the rencisance is considered the ____ of the ancient ____ empire and _____ empires “rebirth” roman and greece
what is humanism? the persuit of individualism
what are the characteristics of humanism? appriaction of art, humans are creative, culture is needed for all, love the classical pass and life CAN be enjoyable
give the word: a sudden, extreme or complete change in the way ppl love, work, think, etc. revolution
what revolution(s) does the tang and sangria dynasty go over? cultural and intellectual
hat went on during the middle ages or “dark ages”?? lack of culatiral development, cities and ports devlope;genoses ship(port in italy> rats come with it> back death/bubonic plague spreads>kills 24 million.
what was it like before renaissance monarchys, knights/josting, dark ages(no development)
name some i INEVETIONS from the gGOLDEN AGE rice: farmers produce 2-3 times the amount> population grows> more attention on innovation woodblock painting: quick printed pages> MOVABLE TYPE(individual characters to make senctnces> first book prontined inn 868 CE) gunpowder: changes war forever
invention cont. compass: used warts gavtational pull to navigate incredible distance> most successful sea voyages porcelain: white pottery taxes with europe> joey production a secret so trader be forced to trade with china. silk: luxury good, was a secret and $$ chin
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