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Fall Benchmark Rev

USH Fall Benchmark Review

Whiskey Rebellion Showed the Federal government had the power to pass and enforce taxes.
Unalienable rights Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!! Rights that cannot be taken away.
8th Amendment No excessive fines or bail. No cruel or unusual punishment
Mercantilism/ Mercantilist policies Economic system where the colonies trade their goods ONLY to their mother country, Britain. For Britain's benefit only.
Federalist Believed in a strong central government to protect its citizens by having a stable federal government
Anti-Federalist Wanted a stronger state government and a weaker federal government. Believed a large federal government would lead to attacks on their rights.
1st amendment Freedom of religion, assembly, press, petittion, speech (RAPPS). Couldn't be forced into a religion
Battle of Saratoga Turning Point in the war due to convincing France to join colonists after this victory.
Federalists Papers Essays published in the newspaper. They tried to persuade citizens to ratify the Constitution.
Washington's Farewell Address Stay neutral with other countries; No permanent alliances; No political parties
Marbury v. Madison Judicial Review-- Supreme Court decides if laws are constitutional or not.
Reasons for colonies to create self representative governments Distance from Britain; Protect rights; Need for law-making structure.
Political Parties Began with an argument over the U.S. banking system. Federalists (Alexander Hamilton) vs. Democratic Republicans (Thomas Jefferson)
Jamestown 1607-- Created to make a profit for England. First to find gold, then grew tobacco.
Plymouth 1620-- Created to be a safe place for Pilgrims to practice their religion.
Great Compromise the compromise between Virginia (Pop-based rep) and New Jersey (equal rep). Created a bi-cameral Congress
War of 1812-- Causes British influenced and armed Indians; Impressment of U.S. sailors; Blockade of U.S. Coast.
War of 1812-- Effects Signed Treaty of Ghent; Now recognized by Britain as independent; Viewed as a strong nation; starts the Industrial Revolution
4th Amendment No unreasonable search and seizure
6th Amendment Criminal trial by jury; speedy trial
9th Amendment Rights not listed in the Constitution are still protected
10th Amendment Powers not stated by the Constitution is then given to states and people.
What 2 political parties died out by the time Jackson became president? Federalists and Dem-Republicans
Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island Colonies founded on the idea of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM
Signing the Declaration of Independence How delegates showed their commitment to liberty by showing King George who they are.
Battle of Saratoga TURNING POINT because it convinced France to join the war for the Colonies.
National Bank Disagreement over this helped form political parties
Created by: MrJamesIMMS
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