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civil war

Where did R.E surrender to Grant on April 9th,1865? Appomattox Court House
The Civil War began in? 1861
What were the groups of people called that campaigned against slavery? Abolitionists
Who was the president during the US civil war? Abraham Lincoln
Who was Captain Henry Wirtz The commander of the Andersonville Prison
Define Nullification The act of cancelling something out.
A US senator from Georgia that became the vice president of the Confederate states of America. Alexander Stephans
A loose union of independent states Confederacy
Anaconda Plan A union war strategy which included the blockade to "squeeze" the south
Bloodiest single day war in the Civil War The battle of Antietam
Dred Scot A slave that sued for his freedom.
First state to leave the Union in 1860 South Carolina
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate states of America
Cotton Number 1 cash crop of the south in the 1800's
Causes for the Civil War Slavery, States rights, Sectionalism
A system that helped slaves get to freedom Underground Railroad
The rights and powers held by individual states States Rights
Conflict between the northern and southern states that ended up causing 620,000 deaths Civil War
An agreement created by Henry Clay that allowed Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state Missouri Compromise of 1820
Define secession When 11 southern states left the Union
California joined the war as a free state and lands won from mexico were divided into two territories. Compromise of 1850
What was the 15th amendment The amendment that led all former male slaves in the US the right to vote.
Define Sectionalism The belief that your region is more important than the rest of the country.
General that came up with the "March to Sea Plan" William T. Sherman
What was the purpose of the Anaconda plan To cut off southern trade
Cotton Gin Invention that lead to the Civil War
Led to the freedom of over four million slaves Emancipation Proclamation
What did with the 13 amendment do Abolished Slavery
What did the 14th amendment do Granted everyone born on US soil a citizen
Who invented the cotton Gin Eli whitney
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