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Chocolate Maya Drank 50 Jars a day Created Chocolate
Inca Bridges Inca Built by hand Very large
Chichen Itza Maya Can go there today Pok ta pok play there
Tenochitilan Aztec Surrounded by water Aztec capital
Machu Picchu Inca 7,000 feet above sea level built in 1400s
Sacred Round Maya Calendar 365 Days
Popol Vuh Maya Like a torah
Quipu Inca Used to tell stories used to count
Montezuma ll Aztec Emperor If you look at him you get killed Carried on litter
City-States Maya Independent City Own government
Aztec Daily Life Aztec Would eat corn for most meals Did not follow rules,got sacrificed
Llamas Inca Carry things around Also made coats and had meat
Human sacrifice Aztec Did not follow rules get sacrificed
Cactus Maya Used as food Aztec Die
Inca messengers Inca sent messages sent food
Spanish explorers Inca Let them in because thought they were a g-d Treated them like g-ds spanish made inca get very sick then took over the land
Sapa Inca Inca Ruler Son of sun g-d
Beaty for Incas Inca Thought cross eye was pretty
Priests Maya Killed Many people
Created by: Gavin lieber