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Asia Unit Test

What Hindu holiday is also known as the Festival of Lights? Diwali
In China, people’s lives are controlled in many ways by what type of government and economy? Communism
India’s society is organized into social classes (caste system) based on a person’s Ancestry
The British colonization of India resulted in New roads and telegraphs, British influence is found in modern Indian culture, such as speaking English, and India still struggles for its independence from Great Britain.
The effects of WWll were Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed, the United States helped Japan to rebuild, leading to success, countries used nuclear weapons
Why were Pakistan and Bangladesh formed? India's Independence movement
Which is the Green Revolution? The government built dams to collect and store water, crop seeds were improved, and food production increased.
A protest at Tiananmen Square in Beijing was led by Chinese college students
What type of government is North Korea and similar to China's government? Communist
Many Hindus believe that it is wrong to harm any living things
A Buddhist worship building is called a Pagoda
Which country is considered the country of technology? Japan
Which country won the Korean War? Neither, the war ended in a cease fire and the DMZ was made
China is the largest or smallest country in Asia? largest
What country is the Ganges River located ? India
North Korea is north or south of the Philipines? North
Pollution, lack of resources, and sinking ground could be considered.. Natural disasters
Silk Road were trade routes that connected China to Europe, India, and North Africa and SW Asia.. Why were the silk roads successful? Goods, ideas, and cultural items were exchanged on the "Silk Road"
What river is holy to India's people? The Ganges River
Which three countries have a democratic/republic government similar to the United States government? India, South Korea, Japan
Created by: carolyn_thomason



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