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Semester One Review

What is the main environmental issue in the United Kingdom? Air pollution
What happened in the Ukraine in the 1980s when it was part of the Soviet Union? Chernobyl Power Plant exploded because of an operational error (faulty reactor)
What is the main environmental issue in Germany's Black Forests? Acid rain
How does acid rain affect the environment? causes fish to die in lakes, statues to erode, and plants to die because they cannot complete photosynthesis
What region of Canada has issues with acid rain and water pollution? Great Lakes
Who causes most of Canada's environmental issues in the Great Lakes region? USA
How did the Chernobyl Power Plant explosion affect other countries in Europe? Wind carried the radiation to other countries, so other countries had problems with health issues such as birth defects
Most countries in southwestern Europe speak a language from what language family? Romance
What are two countries that speak a Slavic language? Ukraine and Russia
What are the main languages in Canada? French and English
What is the most predominant religion in Europe? Christian
What are the three monotheistic religions of Europe? Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
What is the main religion of French-speaking Canadians? Catholic
What province in Canada is culturally different than the rest of Canada, and has been discriminated against in the past? Quebec
What are the two economic systems are on either ends of the economic continuum? market and command
Communist countries have what type of economic system because the government controls the economy? command
Countries that allow private businesses to have more control than the government are closer to what system on the continuum? market
All democratic countries are what type of economic system? mixed
A tax on an imported good that makes revenue for a country tariff
Completely surround a country and do not allow goods in or out blockade
refusing to trade with another country embargo
A mountain is what type of trade barrier physical
What trade barriers hurt another country's economy (many times as an act of war or protest)? blockade and embargo
When you have to change your money in order to but something in another country currency exchange
The group of nation in Europe formed to prevent future wars, form a united economy by having one currency and free trade, and to solve common issues European Union
The agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico that allows all three countries to trade without tariffs NAFTA
people and their education human capital
tools, technology and factories used to make a product. capital goods
How does investment in capital goods an human capital affect GDP? increases it
How does literacy rate affect standard of living? the higher the literacy rate, the higher the standard of living
Why did the Russian Revolution occur? The poor in Russia had been mistreated, and the Bolsheviks wanted Russia out of WWI. They wanted peace, land and bread.
Who was the leader of the Bolsheviks and first dictator of the Soviet union? Lenin
How did the Treaty of Versailles affect Germany? blamed them for WWI, had to pay reparations (leading to economic depression), had to give back land, had to decrease military. It allowed Hitler to gain popularity.
How did the depression in Germany lead to the rise of Nazism? Because the people were looking for a leader to lead them out of the depression, and they wanted someone to blame - Jews, communists, capitalists
What country was blamed for WWI? Germany
How did Hitler use propaganda to promote himself & anti-Semitism? He used it to convince people that the Jews were enemies of Germany, and that Germans were the true master race. People believe it because it was so widespread- in art, in movies, in books, everywhere!!!
After WWII who controlled East Germany and what was its government? Soviet Union and communist
What type of government did West Germany have? democratic
What happened to the city of Berlin? The Soviet Union tried to blockade it, but the US sent an airlift. A wall was built to keep East Berliners from fleeing to democratic West Berlin
What type of government can be found in Canada and the UK? parliamentary
Created by: mgilmour
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