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Amer. Hist. Midterm

What is Immigration? To enter and settle in a country or region where you are not native
What are exports? Goods produced in one nation and sold to buyers in another nation
What are imports? Goods that consumers buy from another country
What is migration? To move from one place and settle in another
Who played the greatest role in building the western railroads? The Chinese
What was important about the transcontinental railroad? It connected the continent from east to west
Describe the impact white settlers had on Native American tribes in the 1800s? - took their land and moved them to reserves - killed buffalo
Which Native American conflict was the only Native American victory? Battle of Little Bighorn
What happened to the buffalo as white settlers moved into the west? They were becoming extinct due to fur trappers and cattle ranchers
Describe some of the problems facing immigrants in the late nineteenth century? - poor living conditions - poor working conditions
What is a push factor ? Give example Makes people want to leave Ex: religious discrimination
What is a pull factor ? Give example Attract people to an area Ex:political freedom
Who were the muckrakers and what did they write about ? The muckrakers highlighted things that the world didn't know about. They wrote articles and books exposing problems in America
What was established during the progressive era that continues to serve as a voice for the African American community? The NAACP
What was the progressive era? Time period around late 1800s when there was political ,economic, and social reforms
How did plessy vs. Ferguson affect society? It stated that segregation was lawful as long as separate facilities were equal
What was the Sherman anti trust act ? An act to protect trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies
What was yellow journalism? What kind of impact did it have ? Journalism based on sensationalism and extreme exaggeration which caused America to go to war
Describe the importance of the Panama Canal? It connects the pacific and Atlantic Ocean and reaches trade markets in the east.(China)
Who was known for "speak softly and carry a big stick" diplomacy? What did this mean? Theodore Roosevelt and it meant to walk silently so that no one knew what you were doing
What were the 4 main causes of ww1? Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism
What was the trigger incident of ww1? The assassination of archduke Ferdinand
What events led to the us joining ww1? Zimmerman telegram Sinking of Lusitania ship
What affect did ww1 have on women? They entered the workforce and changed the traditional women role
What was the purpose of the espionage and sedition acts? Espionage act was to punish people for helping enemy or refusal of military duty Sedition act made it illegal for Americans to print,write,or publish anything disloyal to u.s government
What is the 18th amendment ? Prohibition
What is the 19th amendment? Women right to vote
What is the great migration and the Harlem Renaissance ? Great migration is when African Americans migrated from the south to the north. The Harlem Renaissance is a movement of literature and music that highlighted African American culture
Who was arrested during the Palmer Reid's? Suspected communists
When did the stock market crash and what is the day known as? October 29,1929:Black Tuesday
What were Hoovervilles ? Neighborhoods of shacks named after president hoover
What was the dust bowl ? Land was bare and windstorms blew topsoil hundreds of miles away
What were the 3 goals of FDRs new deal? Relief Reform Recovery
Which new deal program was created to assist farmers? Agricultural adjustment adminstration
Which new deal program ended the banking crisis? Emergency banking act
What was the black cabinet? Unofficial advisiors to the president filled with African Americans that switched to democrat party
Describe fireside chats Roosevelts way of addressing the citizens over the radio giving reassurance
How did Hoover try to help the economy after the crash? Smoot Hawley tariff Asked businesses not to lay people off
What was the unemployment rate during the Great Depression? 25%
What is the FDIC? Federal deposit insurance corporation: insures banks deposits
What did the Hawley smooth tariff do for the economy and the world? It increased imports from the u.s to protect farmers against agricultural imports
What was the TVA? (Tennessee valley authority) built hydroelectric dams to create jobs and bring cheap electricity to parts of the south that was without power
What was the SSA? Provided old age pensions disability payments and unemployment benefits
Created by: kylamcclendo
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