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Battle of Gettysburg

Test tomorrow

In what year did the Battle of Gettysburg take place 1863
How many days did the Battle of Gettysburg last 3 days
The battle of gettysburg was the ________Confederate invasion of the_______. last; Union
why did General Lee invade Pennsylvania to turn Union public opinion against the war and to get badly needed supplies
the meeting of the Union and Confederate soldiers at Gettysburg was__________ unintentional
the________moved in and made camp on the neighboring_________around the town armies; ridges
what did the Confederates do on the 2nd day attacked various positions around the Union's ridge with little progress
who won the battle Union
how many were lost on each side about 23,000
how did Lee attack all out attack by barraging with cannon fire.
after gettysburg, with depleted__________and________men, the South were easily subsided by the_______ supplies; fewer; North
Created by: 9acdancer
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